BBN Double Wahala Reloaded: Alex and Cee-C Settle Scores

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Yesterday’s edition of the reality TV show Big brother Naija double wahala reunion was a  true definition of double wahala itself. After the gent’s night, it was the ladies night and all the female ex housemates were present. The show was hosted by Ebuka as usual. Last night’s reunion was however exceptional from any other reunion show we have watched since Double wahala reloaded started.

Double Wahala Housemates

First major topic was the issue between Alex and Khloe. When Ebuka asked Khloe about the origin of the fall out between the two, Khloe said “I realized that Vandora was one of the people that poisoned Alex against some Housemates because of their little gossips. Vandora however denied this.

Alex said while in the house, Khloe didn’t respect her space with her partner and friend, Leo. According to her, Khloe was always intruding. Khloe said she didn’t consider that as intruding because it was a big house and she was free to speak to anyone at anytime and anywhere.

According to Alex, Khloe reached out to her so they could iron out things because she felt they both ‘’did things to each other’’ but Alex said she didn’t do anything wrong to Khloe and so didn’t believe Khoe had genuine intentions when she wanted them to settle things.

Khloe and Alex

What was the core of last night’s show was the issue between Alex and Cee-C. Ebuka even referred to them as the two elephants of the show. Alex and Cee-C had issues way back in the house and could hardly see eye to eye. When Ebuka brought up the issue, both housemates narrated different events that happened at their hotel the night they left the house.

Ceec-C said when she came out of the house, she was very scared because she didn’t know the reactions she was going to get from the public and went to talk to Tobi but he slammed the door at her. At the time Tobi was in Alex’s room because there was a problem with his key and so Alex invited him to spend the night with her.

Things got even more heated when Cee-C said Nina told her that Alex and Tobi had s** on the same night after the show. According to Nina, Tobi told ‘’her friend’’ Miracle who in turn told her. Cee-C said she was very surprised on hearing that because Tobi and Alex claimed they were besties, so what happened?

Cee-C also added that Alex’s fans have attacked her on several occasions and cited an incident at the airport where she got a face burnt from Alex’s fans. She said she is who she is because of her background and orientation and she can’t just change that overnight and she owes no one an apology for that. She even admitted that people think she is the most bittered woman in Nigeria, a pill which is quite difficult to swallow.

Nina, Cee-C and Alex

According to Khloe and Princess, the main problem with Cee-C is her personality and facial looks which make her less approachable.

Alex on her part said she has tried to reach out to Cee-C a couple of times but Cee-C ignores even her greetings making reference to an incident that took place in Port Harcourt during Nina’s birthday.

They both went back and forth on the issue and Alex finally said though she doesn’t know what she did, she is sorry if she offended Cee-C or anyone in the house. She then broke down in tears saying ‘’everyone would now go on instagram and say the queen has apologized to the king’’ She then left the stage still crying profusely and even threatened to break the camera if it wasn’t taking away from her face. ”I don’t want that camera on my face. Don’t make me break it…. get out.’’.

After the last night episode, BBN season 3 winner who could not attend the reunion because he is in flight school at Florida tweeted and said ‘’Pls don’t bring my friends and I into your reunion lies and propaganda’’

Part two of the ladies’ night is going to be aired tonight.

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