Lady behind little Success’ viral video finally receives help after crying out

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A video of seven years old Success Adegor from Warri, Nigeria went viral on social media few weeks back. In the video, Success was very pissed with the fact that she was sent home from school instead of being flogged. She admitted that she had not paid her fees but was definitely going to do so and said she prefers being flogged to missing her lessons. Hours later, the video became a talking point virtually everywhere in Nigeria and across Africa and Success was offered financial assistance from state authorities and well-wishers. All her school needs were also taken care of and the head teacher of her school was suspended.

Success expressing her dissatisfaction after being sent away from school

However, it seems while the Adegors were enjoying the fame and money they got, someone was unhappy and felt forgotten. The viral video was made by a neighbor of little Success, Stephanie Idolor a 23 years old graduate of Public Administration from Auchi Polytechnique.

Speaking to PUNCH, Stephanie said she was amazed at the attention that was given to the video she did solely for the purpose of entertainment but expressed her discontentment at her friend for taking credit for the video and at Success’ parents for not being appreciative enough to her, considering that Success is now rich and famous because of her.

Stephanie, Success’ mother and Success

Here is what she said:

“I recorded the video just for entertainment and not to put it on social media to raise money for her. Thereafter, I posted the video on my WhatsApp status and people started asking for the video because it is funny. I also uploaded it on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. It was from there that it went viral.

“When I posted it on my Instagram, people started commenting and one of my friends, Joy said she was going to talk to Instablog9ja to upload it for us. Few hours later when I checked, Instablog9ja had posted it but my friend was credited rather than me. I told her that she should have added my name so that the two of us would share the credit for the video. Nobody did that video for me. I did it myself. I was the one who posted it on my social media platform. No one should take glory for something I created,” Stephanie said.

According to Stephanie, as the person behind the viral video, she had not received any support from anyone. She also appealed to Nigerians for a job, saying that like Success, many other children in the area have no money to attend school and therefore, also deserve the sympathy and goodwill of Nigerians.

Stephanie and Success

She was also disappointed in Success’ mother for keeping things away from her since her daughter started getting famous.

“If you call Success’ mum now, she will tell you that the Sapele Local Government Area chairman has given me money and that people should not give me any money. She told me that the money in her account was N700000, not knowing that the money in the account was more than N5.3million, which good hearted Nigerians have given them.

“That is why I am angry with her. I didn’t tell her I wanted to share the money 50/50 with her. She should have told me the truth. I don’t really understand why she was hiding everything from me. She told me that she would give me N400,000 from the N700,000. I didn’t do the video because of money but since money is coming out of it, I should be carried along, rather, she started hiding everything from me… but it is not supposed to be like that. They were not even sure of getting N100000 all through the year but now that they are swimming in millions, they want to give me N400000. I have decided to leave the money with them.

“I believe my helper will come. I am a graduate. As I speak to you now, I don’t have a dime on me. I think she’s being greedy, but my parents have advised me to leave the money issue,” she added

Stephanie’s cry for help however didn’t go in vain. Help seems to be coming her way. According to Mr. Jollof, a social media influencer in Nigeria, Stephanie has been rewarded with N500000 from the Deputy Speaker of Delta State, Hon. Friday Osanebi.

Hon. Osanebi

Popular musician Daddy Showkey also sent her N100000. Showkey told Stephanie not to regret anything adding that she is an angel and a hero and without her, the Success story will not be.

Daddy Showkey

The Principal Secretary to the governor of Delta State, Hilary Obi Ibegbulum has also promised Stephanie a car. Acording to Mr. ibegbulum, Stephanie is the real hero and not the little girl.

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