Student Of GBHS Deido Stabbed To Death

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Student of GBHS Deido stabbed – Sad!

A 17 year old form five student by name Bleriot has been stabbed to death at Lycee Bilingue de Deido (Government Bilingual High School Deido) – Douala, Economic capital of Cameroon by his school mate. The tragedy happened on Friday, 29th March 2019 after a heated argument between Bello and his assassin.

Student of GBHS Deido stabbed To Death: How It All Happened

Sources say the victim went to school yesterday morning to collect his end of term result slip and his assassin had come to school after making plans with two other boys to come seize phones from their classmates forcefully. Reports say the other two guys had already been dismissed and thus were no longer students of Lycee Bilingue de Deido. Since the boys needed money, they decided to engage in this evil act.

Student in Deido who was stabbed
Late Bello and his friends

When the boys got to the victim and asked for his phone, he was not willing to let go and fought back just to protect his phone. In the process of struggling to keep his phone, late Bello was severely stabbed multiple times around his heart.

School mates of the victim rushed him to the Emergency Unit of the Deido District hospital but had already lost a lot of blood and couldn’t make it.

Deido District Hospital

Commentators have alleged that he died due to lack of defibrillators at the hospital to reanimate him. The assassin and his two friends have been taken to the Police station where their fate would be decided.

Student in Deido stabbed - friends weeping
Grieving friends of the victim

Discipline Master Explains

According to a Discipline Master of the school, the incident happened on a closing day as the school was about to go on Easter break and thus students were allowed into the school campus without any security checks. As a result, neither school security men nor members of the administration could discover the dagger that was used in stabbing the victim.

However, several persons have criticized the Discipline Master and the school administration for failing to implement security measures on a crucial day like yesterday which has always been considered by many students as a day for settling scores.

Grieving friends of the victim

Due to the shock, the mother of the late boy suffered a heart attack. The friends and school mates of late Bleriot have also not been able to hold their grief and consternation. It is also a sad moment for the family of the deceased who have lost a brilliant son. We gathered that the boy came first in his class.

Student of GBHS Deido stabbed to death by his schoolmate – what a loss!

Our hearts go out to the entire family and friends of late Bleriot.

May his soul Rest in Peace!

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