Cameroonian Makossa Icon Longue Longue Arrested After Recognizing Maurice Kamto As Winner Of The 2018 Presidential Election

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Cameroonian Makossa legend, Longkana Ango Simon also known by his artistic name as Longue Longue has been arrested today at Sawa Hotel in Douala, economical capital of Cameroon. He was picked up minutes after midday by the Cameroonian Police. His vehicle was later taken away from the premises of the hotel by his family members. He is currently detained at the Bonanjo judicial Police in Douala.

No official reason has been given for his arrest but it is widely believed that the arrest could be linked to the Facebook outing of the popular musician in which he openly criticized the activities of the regime of Mr. Biya.

In the video, Longue Longue said Prof. Maurice Kamto, President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) won the October 7th Presidential election in Cameroon. According to him Mr. Biya stole Kamto’s victory with the support of the Constitutional Council. During last year’s election, he supported candidate Akere Muna who later joined forces with Maurice Kamto.

Longue Longue also criticized the Biya’s regime for unjustly arresting Maurice Kamto and other members of the CRM.  Prof. Maurice Kamto and other leaders of the CRM party notably, Abert Nzongang, Penda Ekoka and Celestin Djamen were arrested in January this year after instigating a protest against electoral holdup, the deepening Anglophone crisis and mismanagement of funds meant for the construction of AFCON infrastructures.

Kamto and other leaders of the CRM

The protest later turned bloody and some protesters were shot including Barrister Michelle Ndoki and Celestine Djamen. Barister Ndoki was equally arrested in February in Ideanau, South West region while attempting to leave the country for medical attention.

Longue Longue in his recent outing also accused members of the ruling government who are presently detained at Kondengui for embezzling state funds meant for the betterment of the lives of Cameroonians.

The arrest of Longue Longue does not come as a surprise to many in Cameroon owing to the fact that he has been very vocal against the regime of Mr. Biya. In 2018, he released a musical track in which he called on Mr. Biya to put an end to his long rule and step down.

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