Minister Paul Atanga Nji Threatens To Ban The Cameroon Renaissance Movement Of Maurice Kamto

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The Minister of Territorial Administration in Cameroon, Paul Atanga Nji has in a communiqué threatened to ban the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) of Prof. Maurice Kamto if the party continue engaging in activities that could lead to an uprising in the country.

The warning comes after the CRM announced a protest march for Saturday April 6th and Saturday April 13th throughout the national triangle and beyond to demand for the release of their party president, Prof. Maurice Kamto and other leaders of the party.

According to the minister, the attempt is provocative taking into consideration that another march was organized by the CRM earlier this year which later turned bloody and led to the destruction of the Cameroon Embassies in Paris and Berlin.

Minister  Atanga Nji also added that April 6th, one of the dates the protest was planned for is a day that brings unhappy memories to Cameroonians and thus the call  by the CRM for Cameroonians to go to the streets on this date confirms their determination to push through their agenda of destabilizing the Republican Institutions of the State. It should be recalled that on April 6th 1984, a failed coup d’état was staged aimed at overthrowing President Biya.

The minister also cited the crisis in two English speaking regions as a major reason for banning the protest. According to Minister Atanga Nji, the North West and South West Regions are currently going through a tragedy and the CRM should not help worsen the situation “The tragedy currently plaguing the people of the North West and South West Regions, and the government’s laudable efforts for a return to normalcy require every one of us, including political party leaders, to vehemently condemn any criminal endeavor likely to compromise the so hard won and so much cherished peace in our country”

The minister has prohibited all public manifestations organized by the CRM from the 6th to the 13th of April and has stated its intentions to ban the party if it goes on with the protest march.

If the CRM Officials, who seem to take pleasure in defying State authority, continue down this lane of public disorder and organize unauthorized manifestations intended to stir social uprising with unknown consequences, the Minister of Territorial Administration will be forced to apply the provisions of law No.90-56 of 19 December, 1990 relating to political parties’’

On Saturday April 6th, the CRM protest didn’t go on as planned. Security forces were deployed in major roundabouts and populated joints in the city of Douala to prevent the possibility of any protest.

It is not clear if the CRM party will adhere to the minister’s communiqué or will go on with their planned march on Saturday, April 13th.

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