Littoral Region Of Cameroon: Three Children Die After Consuming Rat Poison In Nlohe

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Grief, tears and lamentations! This is what describes the atmosphere at a home in Nlohe, a village situated in Manjo subdivision, Moungo division of the littoral region of Cameroon, after the death of three children whose lives have been cut short by poisoned food meant for rats. The children: Marceline, Adonal and James, aged seven, four and three respectively were all offspring of two biological sisters.

According to sources, before their demise, the children visited a neighboring home . Unfortunately, the mother of the house had applied a poisonous substance on fish to eliminate the rats that had become a major problem to her.

Unknown to the children, they came and ate the fish in the absence of the woman. Minutes after eaten the fish, the children all experienced a stomach disorder which further caused them to collapse. One of the children died immediately on the spot while the other two were taken to a hospital. Unfortunately, they equally died moments after reaching the hospital.

The container of the poisonous substance was later picked up and it was confirmed that the content was indeed deadly. The woman who poisoned the fish is currently on the run, no one has been able to trace her whereabouts. Her husband has been picked up by the forces of law and order to help them with further investigations.

The inhabitants of the locality have decried the situation which they consider a very careless act. Some of them say neither the poisonous substance nor the poisoned food should have been kept at the reach of the children.

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