Anglophone Crisis: SDF Offers Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi As Mediator Between Government And Anglophones

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The Prime Minister of Cameroon, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute in continuation with his peace mission in the North West region has met with the main opposition party, the social Democratic Front today May, 10 2019.

The SDF party was represented by its Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi, the Vice President of the Senate – Senator Emilia Nkeza, and Senator Henry Kemende among other members.

In a 30 minutes in camera meeting at the Ntarinkon residence of Chairman Fru Ndi, the SDF underscored three important conditions for a meaningful, structural and inclusive dialogue. According to the SDF, first, there should be an immediate ceasefire and mutual respect by both sides.

Secondly, there should be an immediate release of all prisoners of war. The party underscored the need for a mediator between the Government and the Anglophones as the third condition. In this line, the party has proposed their National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi as one of the best candidates and said they are ready to offer him as a mediator.

The party added that independent observers should be put in place to make sure the two parties respect the  ceasefire during the dialogue process.

The chairman of the Social Democratic Front also pointed out the need for a speedy resolution of the crisis as it has brought untold humanitarian crisis on the anglophones. He also added that no election can take place in the two regions if the crisis is still on.

Responding to the Chairman and his party, PM Dion Ngute promised to carry all their suggestions and plights to the Head of State.

PM Dion Ngute also reminded the SDF that the Head of State is ready to dialogue on all issues except secession.

Earlier this morning, PM Dion Ngute on his twitter handle said the dialogue process has begun and invited all peace loving Cameroonians to take part in the dialogue.

He also cautioned Cameroonians not to propose solutions that may be more damaging than the crisis itself.

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