Anglophone Crisis: I Will Hang On Your Neck Diaspora – Moslem Scholar, Abdulkarim Ali Cries Out

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Bamenda based moslem scholar Abdoulkarim Ali has urged the Cameroon anglophone diaspora to drop pride, hate, differences, ergo and bitterness and unite towards the liberation of anglophones. Here is Abdoulkarim’s message to the diaspora.

“Never in our history have we come this close. Never has God made a time table for us. Never have we been inspired. Never has the devil been slapped.

Please drop your egos, pride, differences, hate and bitterness. Do it for us starving back home, in the bushes under rain storms, at refugee camps, prison yards, displaced, suffering. I lost my business 2 years ago and I don’t complain for I know it’s for Mother Amba and my children and your children.

Please Diaspora pitty us. Save us some more pain.

We cannot have two governments, we are confused, disappointed and discouraged. My wife asked me if we shall die of hunger before my diaspora family recognizes our efforts on the GZ as a people!

I have more enemies than friends and I don’t complain because I fight for Mother Amba and for my diaspora.

Please drop the ego and let’s unite and throw the last punch at Satan.


If we fail and I am dead perhaps. My child will hang on your neck Diaspora. The Muslims will hang on you. I have told them so and I am copying the Imams this.

I am on my knees and in tears. Please help us Diaspora.”

Abdul karim is a Moslem Scholar in Bamenda. He has been very vocal and critical on the regime for nurturing injustice against the anglophones in Cameroon. Earlier this year, he was arrested but released few days later.

Abdoulkarim has also added that the women who wailed and lamented during the Prime Minister’s visit yesterday in Bamenda were hired by the government to stage the act.

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