Buea Mayor, Ekema Patrick Breaks Open Shops To Counter Ghost Town As Prime Minister Begins Peace Mission To The The South West Region

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As it has become a tradition in the crisis hit English speaking regions of Cameroon, ghost towns and lock downs are declared whenever there is an official event in the two regions by separatists to sabotage such an event.

The visit of Prime Minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute  to the South West region of Cameroon today seemingly is not an exception. After yesterday’s traditional Monday ghost town, denizens of Buea woke up today Tuesday May 14, 2019 to another ghost town; most of them remained indoors for fear of the unknown, shops closed and few taxis spotted on major roads.

However, the mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge as usual would not accept this in his municipality, not today when he is receiving an august visitor.

He however did not seal the shops as he has done several times in the past, but rather decided to break open shops of business owners who were observing the ghost town. The mayor accompanied by heavily armed military men moved from neighborhoods to neighborhoods, using rudimentary tools to break open shops.

The shop owners have expressed dissatisfaction at the mayor’s action. They say the mayor has constantly been on their necks, ordering them to open their shops during ghost towns and lock-downs but it is difficult for them to respect the mayor’s order as they may lose their shops or even their lives.

Gun shots were also heard in some parts of the city in the early hours of today as the the Prime begins his four day peace mission to the South West region.

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