Inhabitants Of Pinyin In North West Cameroon Rain Holy Hell On Suspected Separatist Fighters For Causing Havoc In Their Village

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Four suspected separatist fighters have been arrested and a kidnapped Custom officer liberated by the population of Pinyin in Santa subdivision of the restive North West region of Cameroon. According to reports, it all started when a custom officer who is also a son of the soil came to bury his dead relative but was instead kidnapped by gunmen.

According to the Divisional Officer of Santa subdivision, the custom officer was kidnapped by separatist fighters and taken to their camp. Angered by this, the population came out as one man on Sunday May 12 2018, stormed the camp and took away four suspected separatist fighters and also liberated the custom Officer.

In a video that has emerged on social media, hundreds of inhabitants are seen jubilating in front of the suspects who have been forced to sit on the floor. One of the inhabitants is heard saying “Diaspora, see what amba is doing in Pinyin… Let everyone take his own gun and let’s know what to do next. These are the thieves that have been terrorizing Pinyin inhabitants in the name of amba boys. It is the end of amba in pinyin land; it’s the end of Akwanga’s group in Pinyin”

According to the population of the village, this is not the course for which they have been fighting for as kidnappings, demand for ransoms, threats and requests for exorbitant amounts of money have become the order of the day. They say they don’t want this to continue in their land. The suspected separatist fighters have been handed over to the forces of law and order

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