Biya’s Call For Dialogue: Barrister Fru John Nsoh Says No Dialogue Without Secession On The Table, Insists Fru Ndi Cannot Mediate

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The lead defence counsel of the incarcerated Ambazonian leaders, Barrister Fru John Nsoh has reacted to the Head of State’s call for a preconditioned dialogue and other core issues surrounding the visit of Prime Minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute to the crisis hit North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

On separate outings on Equinoxe TV, Canal 2 English and Afrique Media TV, the vocal Barister Fru says the visit of the Prime minister to the two Anglophone regions is a nonevent as it is not different from the visits of former prime minister and other members of government which yielded no fruits. To him, the only exception is the women who came out en mass to cry and lament calling for an end to the crisis. He says, it was an act staged by the government. He considers the visit a window dressing and a means to send a message to the international community that all is under control.

Reacting to the SDF’s offer of Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi as mediator in the dialogue process, Barister Fru John Nsoh says Fru Ndi cannot be accepted as mediator “Fru Ndi, you are not an honest broker. You cannot mediate… We will never accept that” He added that Chairman Fru Ndi cannot be objective after winning and dinning with the Prime Minister. He says only an international party would be allowed to act as a mediator.

Barrister Fru John Nsoh also maintained that dialogue cannot take place on Cameroonian soil because the government of Cameroon has shown that it cannot solve the problem and insists that they will never accept any form of dialogue without secession on the table. He out rightly rejected the dialogue called by the Head of State with preconditions. He says the government must also grant amnesty to all prisoners of war and those in the diaspora, so they can go to the field and make consultations with the people before negotiations begin.

To him, the state of Cameroon is built on falsehood but has failed to deceive the international community on the state of the country. He adds that the amba boys brandished as haven laid their arms are the boys of the Minister of Territorial Administration Atanga Nji Paul.

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