Anglophone Crisis: D.O For Ndop Central Subdivision Storms Streets, Begging Separatist Fighters To Drop Arms And Embrace Christ

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Madam Regina Enjoh Tembu Is not only the Divisional officer (D.O) for Ndop Central subdivision  in the North West region but she is also a mother and that is why she cannot stay calm when souls continue to perish daily in a crisis that has paralyzed the two English speaking regions of Cameroon.

Yesterday May 15, the administrator decided to storm the streets, begging and calling on separatist fighters to come out of the bushes and drop their weapons.

With the help of armed security officers, a bulletproof vest, and a loud speaker in hand, the administrator moved from street to street, begging and asking separatist fighters in pidgin English considered as the language of the common man to come out, lay down their arms and surrender to Jesus.

 She says though they have grievances, they should look for a better way to handle them because violence will only beget more violence and can never bring a solution ‘’Surrender to Jesus!  God will show another way… Please, I’m begging you my children…You have fought enough… I’m begging you as your D.O and mother.”

She says the crisis has left untold hardship on the inhabitants of Ndop; the town is deserted, children can no longer go to school or write exams, women cannot go to their farms or to the market. ‘’Look at the houses, they have been abandoned. Our children are suffering in Douala and Yaoundé.”

Citing the Example of Esther in the bible who brought peace in time of war, she called on her fellow women to advise their children to drop their arms and put an end to the hardship. She says she regrets to see the once very lively town now a shadow of itself.

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