Over 20 Separatist Fighters Said To Have Laid Down Arms As P.M. Dion Ngute Visits Kumba

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Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute in continuation with his peace mission to the South West Region has today visited Kumba, the capital city of Meme division. Kumba popularly known as K-Town is the birth place of PM Dion Ngute and has arguably been one of the most affected cities in the region since the start of the Anglophone crisis in 2016.

The crisis in the city has been characterized by fierce gun battles between separatist fighters and the Cameroon military, killings, kidnappings, constant ghost towns, shutdowns, destruction and burning of private and public property. One of such public property is the Kumba district hospital that was set ablaze on the 11th of February this year.

This is probably why President’s Biya Peace Crusader decided to visit the city, talk to its inhabitants and convey the message of peace from the Head of State as it has been the case in Bamenda, Buea and Limbe.

Before his departure from Buea to Kumba, gunshots were heard in some parts of the city of Buea including Mile 16, Mile 17 and Molyko. This delayed the Prime minister who had to wait for a calmer atmosphere. When the gunshots ended, the P.M immediately left for Kumba.

On arrival in Kumba, the ambiance that welcomed Prime minister Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute was very much the same as the one observed in Bamenda, Buea and Limbe; dance groups and people from different walks of life aligned across streets to welcome him.

Even the rainy weather could not stop women who converged on Kumba to welcome the Peace Crusader. Just like in Bamenda, Buea and Limbe, some women wailed and lamented, advocating for peace.

While visiting the Kumba district hospital that was burnt earlier this year, the prime minister encouraged the staff of the hospital and urged them to continue with the mission of saving lives. He described them as “Indomitable Lions of help’’ for braving all security threats to save lives. He added that God willing, the crisis will end in a few days or weeks and stock will be taken of people who lost their belongings and they will be compensated.  

At the Kumba city hall, 20 young men who claim to be ex-separatist fighters dropped their weapons and presented themselves to the Prime minister, including a well-known amba general, Kawa Yannick popularly known as General Maxwell. The ex-fighters say they are ready to be reintegrated into the society.

What has been a bone of contention among many in and out of Kumba is establishing the true backgrounds of these ex-fighters with respect to their belonging to amba groups.

According to a vocal journalist, Elie Smith who is a strong critique of the government of Cameroon, the claim is an attempt to fabricate a narrative to suit the regime and he thinks it has no effect. “Claims that 30 Amba boys have laid down their weapons is a symbol of a continuous attempt to fabricate a narrative that best suits the regime. What effect can supposedly 30 Amba boys have? Hopefully they are not bogus Amba boys”

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