The Government Of Cameroon Has Done Nothing To End The Anglophone Crisis – US Assistant Secretary Of State For African Affairs, Tibor Nagy

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The U.S Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Tibor Nagy has reacted to some salient issues on the deepening sociopolitical and security crisis in the English speaking regions of Cameroon.

Tibor Nagy  who was before the US Congress’ Committee on Foreign Affairs on Thursday May 16 Said during his meeting with President Biya some few weeks ago, the president said he was going to initiate dialogue to end the crisis but has done nothing to show for it. He says the government has created a series of commissions but these commissions have done almost nothing because they lack the means.

Tibor Nagy says only a genuine and inclusive dialogue can end the crisis ‘’what the country needs more than anything else is a genuine open dialogue, probably to include the diasporas of the Cameroonians because they have a great deal of interest in this’’

Tibor Nagy meeting President Biya

According to Tibor Nagy, President Biya’s hardliners are probably telling him that the war can be won militarily but he says this will only escalate the violence which may spread further to the neighboring west and littoral regions. He says the US must work with friends to force the Cameroonian government to engage dialogue soonest and that if that fails, they should think of sanctions.

 He says if the situation is not brought to an end, the crisis may  become very disastrous and probably get to the level of Boko Haram in Nigeria which started as a small movement and has become uncontrollable ‘’and it will be disastrous for the region if the Cameroon government turns this thing into yet another type of Boko Haram”

On the subject of Separation, Tibor Nagy says the Ambozonian project is not realistic in the current context ‘’ … because I think that most Cameroonians including in the SW and NW have a sense of Cameroonian-nese and the concept of separating what they call Ambazonia in my view is not realist.” He adds that the United States recognizes the integrity of Cameroon.

He also expressed satisfaction on the Aria Formula Meeting on Cameroon held on Monday at the United Nations Security Council.

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