Camair-Co: President Biya Appoints New Board Chair And Director General, Challenges Awaiting The New Bosses

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According to a Presidential decree signed today May 27, 2019, Transport Minister Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe is the new Board Chair of the Cameroon Airlines Corporation (Camair-Co).

Louis Georges Njipendi Koutou was equally appointed as the new Director General of the Corporation. He replaces Ernest Dikoum who has occupied the position for over two years (since October 2016).

Louis Georges Njipendi Koutou(left)
Jean Ernest Ngale Bibihe (middle)
Max Mve (right)

The new Director General will be assisted by Max Mve.

Louis Georges Njipendi Koutou is taking over as Director General of Camair-Co at a time when the Corporation is experiencing a severe crisis. Several aircrafts have been damaged and others have been grounded.

Customers have also expressed dissatisfaction over what they describe as poor and terrible customer service offered by the Corporation; they say the flight attendants are rude and most often, flights are either cancelled or delayed for hours without notifying the customers.

The Corporation is also heavily indebted and the revenue made in recent months has been far below average. In January 2019, Camair-Co made a revenue of 1.4 billion FCFA which is below the average of 2.4 billion FCFA made in 2018.

Workers have also been on strike demanding their unpaid salaries. Few weeks back, the workers sent a letter to the former Director General demanding their two months salaries in areas.

The coming of the new bosses is therefore expected to bring revival to the airlines and put it on its feet. Getting lessons from Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda that are doing extremely well in flight business could possibly help.

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