I Used To Rent Clothes To Impress Girls – Cameroonian Afro-Pop Singer Magasco

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From renting clothes to impress girls to becoming the boss of his own record label, Magasco has certainly had a challenging life journey which has definitely paid off.

CEO of BBOY RECORDS, Magasco a.k.a Bamenda Boy was guest today on the Breakfast Show Cameroun Feeling on the CRTV hosted by Patience Embelle Fominyen. Chatting with Patience, Magasco shared a lot about his childhood experience.

He said growing up was never easy for him. He had to sell second handed clothes popularly known in Cameroon as “okrika” in order to make a living. He said this is what has inspired his soon to be released song titled OKRIKA. He says despite the fame, he has not forgotten his roots and that’s why he always incorporates the Cameroonian culture and lifestyle into his songs.

He also took us back to those days when he could not afford good clothes for himself. He revealed that he used to rent clothes from friends and others just to impress girls. He recounted an incident that happened at a club when he rented a jacket from a guy and while he was still in the club, the owner came for it and he had to leave the club to go and return the jacket.

Magasco says he is sharing his experiences in order to inspire young people and make them understand that no matter where they are coming from; no matter the challenges they may have encountered while growing up; no matter how poor their families may be, they can always make it in life and make it big.

Magasco added that his decision to create his own record label, Bboy Records is because growth is part and parcel of life and he feels that he has come to that point where he has to be his own boss. He says the label is also a great business decision and it is going to be a legacy. He adds that more importantly, the creation of his own record label is to inspire young artists and make them believe in their dreams. He says he will always be grateful to Empire, his formal record label and looks forward to working with them on future projects.

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