Nigerian Blogger Arrested And Humiliated For Claiming Ownership To A Duplex Belonging To A Chinese Based Billionaire

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A Nigerian popular blogger and founder of Makeup Or Breakup, Blessing Nkiruka Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO has been arrested and released shortly for claiming ownership to a duplex that doesn’t belong to her.

Blessing CEO has been very active on instagram, showing off luxurious assets she claimed to own. One of such assets is a duplex owned by a Nigerian billionaire who lives in China. On her 30th birthday, she celebrated her birthday bash across Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt and also unveiled a new 7 bedroom duplex which she claimed to have built. She posted the picture of the house on instagram saying 8 years back, her ex-husband threw her out of his one bedroom apartment and today she has built for herself a 7 bedroom duplex.

The said house is a multi-million naira well-furnished duplex which the owner has not even moved into.

When the owner of the house heard about the claims of the lady, he made an audio from his base in china to debunk the information. However, that didn’t stop the social media star who went further to show images of the interior of the house to foster her claims. The owner still debunked her quietly with another audio but this still didn’t stop her.

Blessing CEO went even further and got the assistance of an architect who helped her forge a building plan of the house with her name on it and she showed the plan online to prove she owns the house. She even made videos showing the house and took pictures in front of the house, after begging the gate man to allow her do so.

At this point, Onye Eze was probably scared. He has on several occasions called his brother and the engineer who he has been sending money for the house just to make sure they haven’t played him. They repeatedly assured him that the house is his. He was however still worried and quickly returned to Nigeria. The lady was arrested, handcuffed and forced to do a disclaimer through a video.

In the disclaimer video that went viral on social media, the lady is seen begging and confessing that the house is not hers. Many are currently wondering why a young lady would choose to live a life of pretense just to impress her instagram 232k followers.

Many say her reason for doing this was to get more social media attention and increase her level of fame and also get more followers on instagram and other social media platforms. This is explained by the fact that she seemingly has no regrets and has shown no remorse since her release. In her most recent video, she has unapologetically assured her fans that everything is ok and the whole brouhaha will die down naturally.

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