Controversial Nigerian Blogger, Blessing CEO Who Claimed Ownership To A Billionaire’s Duplex Tells Her Own Side Of The Story, Threatens To Take Her Own Life

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Blessing CEO, the Nigerian blogger, social media influencer and owner of Break it or make it who has been trending on the social media for claiming ownership to a duplex belonging to a Chinese based billionaire has made strange revelations in a recent video. In the video, Blessing CEO is seen sobbing and says she wants everyone to know the truth before she leaves this world.

She says a lot has gone wrong and she has been asked to keep quiet or be killed but she prefers to die than being quiet for nothing.

She says she was not actually arrested by the Nigerian Police but in fact, the billionaire, Onye Eze invited her over through a phone call and she did not hesitate to dress up and go because she thought they were going to have just a conversation.

When she got to Onye’s compound, she met three boys with belts and two boys with guns. The gate was locked, her phone was seized and she was handcuffed. She asked why she was being treated that way and she was told the Inspector General of Police sent them to arrest her.

She said “ok, let’s go to the station” but she was threatened to be shot if she didn’t stay quiet. She says even after begging not to be videoed, she was forced to sit down and made to do a live video saying she impersonated Onye Eze

While she was still on the ground, Onye Eze drove into the compound with a Police Officer and she ran to the Officer for rescue but she was asked to get out. She says Onye Eze made video calls to his female friends who mocked her. One of the girls knew her and quickly ran to the seen with her husband to plead for her rescue.

She says she was asked to sign an undertaking which the content is unknown to her. She was also asked to bring out 500, 000 Naira or the video would be made public on social media. She said she didn’t have such an amount because she just finished celebrating her birthday anniversary. She was taken back to her compound and she later realized that the video had gone viral on social media.

Onye Eze

Blessing CEO says when Onye Eze noticed that the act was condemned by many, he took her out for a drink in order to cover up and make social media believe it was a stunt

She says she has fought for humanity, women and single mothers with her life, money, position and blood but at this point, she cannot fight for herself. She says she has been humiliated and wants to take her own life and she would not rest in her grave if the world does not know the truth. She sobbed throughout the video but said she didn’t do the video to get sympathy from anyone; she wants the world to know that she was not arrested or detained by the Police.

Blessing CEO however has not denied claiming ownership to the duplex of Onye Oze and has not explained her reason for doing so either. She says people are free to judge her if they want.

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