Two Armed Bandits Lynched By An Angry Mob In New Deido – Douala After Robbing A Mobile Money Point

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Two armed bandits have been beaten to death and another severely injured by an angry mob in New Deido – Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon.

According to what we gathered, the three armed bandits robbed a mobile money point at Bonamoussadi, taking away a bag and a mobile phone. When they left, the lady who was at the counter at the time raised an alarm alerting bike riders who chased after the men.

One of the bandits was captured and killed by the population on the spot while the second ran into a house, taking a baby as a human shield, pointing a gun at him, asking the population to give him way. Fortunately for the baby and unfortunately for the bandit, he was overpowered and beaten to death as well. The Police only came in when he was about breathing his last.

The third bandit was beaten to near death but was seized by the Policemen and taken away.

It was an extremely tense atmosphere at the scene. Several gunshots were fired leading to a commotion. Tear gas and water cannons were equally used to disperse the mob at the scene. Many fled to their home leaving only the brave to lynch the thieves.

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