Pregnant Woman Dies At The Buea Regional Hospital As A Result Of Negligence

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A 32 year old expectant mother whose name we got as Damaris died on Sunday, June 2, 2019 at the Buea Regional Hospital due to negligence on the side of the nurses on duty. According to reports, the pregnant woman left her house to the hospital due to the pains she felt in her stomach.

When she got to the hospital, the doctor was attending to another patient and she had to be put on hold. She was later administered drips by the nurses on duty. According to them, her due date had past and the drips were needed to facilitate the delivery process.

Buea Regional hospital

According to neighbors and family members, the nurses on call at the maternity ward demonstrated signs of total neglect which led to the untimely death of Damaris.

A neighbor explains “while in the ward, she called me and told me that blood was oozing out from her hand. I called the nurse who came in and asked why she was shaking her hand. She called me again and I went to her and noticed that she was bleeding.

I called the nurses who came in and asked why she was misbehaving. They said she was pushing out the baby when it was not yet time for her to push. She said it was not her fault, she said the drip on her hand was causing her enormous pain. She asked them to remove the drip but they refused, saying the drip was going to facilitate her delivery process. She insisted and the nurses removed the drip”

The husband of the deceased, Dayang Bouba explains how the macabre act happened “Before leaving the house in the morning, she prepared food for me and I took the food to work. When I got to my jobsite, she called me and said she wanted to go to the hospital because of the pains she was feeling in her stomach. She said she was going for consultation in order to know if her due date had past. When she got to the hospital, she called me and I asked if she had seen the doctor, she said no, because the doctor was with another woman who was giving birth at the time.

Dayang Bouba, husband of the deceased

“After 30 minutes, I called her but she wasn’t taking her calls. So, I decided to come to the hospital. When I got to the hospital, I saw doctors moving in and out and I tried to enter into the ward where she was but I was stopped. So, I sat out and I was later brought a booklet containing the drugs I had to buy for my wife.

“Minutes later, I heard my wife crying so loud. She cried just once and I didn’t hear her voice again.Then I was told my wife is dead”

Mr. Bouba has added that he wants the hospital to explain exactly what happened to her wife so that such an incident won’t happen to another woman in the future.

A crisis meeting was held after the incident. According to the Director of the hospital, Dr. Enow Orock George, the three nurses involve in the terrible act have been suspended.

This is not the first time such an incident is happening. The Monique Koumate incident at the Douala Laquintinie hospital in March 2016 is still very fresh in the minds of Cameroonians.

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