Woman Arrested In Douala For Keeping Her Sister’s Corpse In Her House For Over 3 Years And That Of Her Mother For Over A Week, Believing That They Will Come Back To Life

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A woman in Kotto Douala V subdivision, Littoral region of Cameroon has been arrested after it was discovered that she had been keeping two dead bodies in her residence. The dead bodies were those of her sister who died three years ago and her mother who died recently.

According to reports, her older sister died three years ago and the woman convinced her family members not to bury the corpse. She said God told her that her sister was going to be resurrected. The corpse was kept in a room and the woman has been living with the corpse until now, not minding the stench.

Her mother died two weeks ago and she decided to keep the body under the same condition. Few days ago, her nephew, a son to her dead sister who was out of the country at the time of her mother’s death returned to the country. Her aunt told her to remain calm, adding that his dead mother and grandmother were going to come back to life. Her nephew was uncomfortable with this and raised an alarm, informing neighbors about the situation.

He also informed the Police who ordered the sanitarian department of the Douala V council to remove the corpses. At the time of removal, the sister’s body had decomposed to an almost skeleton and the mother’s body was in an advanced state of decomposition.

Chemicals were used to contain the stench of the decomposed corpses which were taken to the Douala Laquintinie hospital. The lady was arrested by police officers for further investigations. The compound has also been sealed by municipal agents probably for an eventual disinfection.

It is not certain what the name of the church where the woman has been worshiping is but locals say she has been constantly watching a popular Nigerian based Christian TV channel.

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