SDF Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi Denied Access To The Burnt Oil Refinery – SONARA As He Visits The South West Region

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The chairman of the National Democratic Front (SDF), Ni John Fru Ndi has visited the South West region today June 13, 2019. Leaving Ntarinkon to Limbe, his main mission was to visit sections of the National Oil Refinery Corporation – SONARA which were recently engulfed by fire and the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) that has been severely hit by the Anglophone crisis.

However, as Charman Fru Ndi moved into Limbe, he was intercepted at Ngeme and denied access to SONARA by the Divisional Officer for Limbe II and forces of law and order. According to the Divisional Officer, he was working on instructions from Yaounde, adding that a commission has been put in place to investigate the cause of the incident and access to SONARA has been restricted for security reasons.

Chairman Fru Ndi in response questioned if he is now considered as a security threat in Cameroon. He concluded that by denying him access to the bunt oil refinery, the D.O and his government was trying to hide a dubious act in connection to the fire incident.

The chairman made a U-turn and left for the CDC where he was received at the premises of the Corporation’s Head Office in Bota. He was told that the General Manager was not on sit.

He also visited the Office of the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako. The SDO was equally absent. The Chairman however decried the facial expressions and attitude given to him by the Assistant SDO who welcomed him as though he was a piece of garbage.

From Limbe, the Chairman visited the Kumba District Hospital that was razed by flames on February 11, 2019. He regrets that the government has done little or nothing to rehabilitate and reequip the hospital four months after the macabre incident.

Before visiting the hospital, the Chairman of the SDF questioned the SDO of Meme division, Chamberlain Ntou Ndong on military excesses and on why armed men succeeded to burn the hospital despite heavy military presence. According to the SDO, the military was taken unaware.

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