Limbe Traditional Rulers Gang Up Against Their Paramount Chief Elect, Demanding Withdrawal Of Traditional Key Handed To Fru Ndi

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After a meeting held today at the Mokindi chief’s Palace, fourteen Chiefs of the Limbe chiefdom have signed a communiqué asking the paramount chief elect of Limbe, HRM John Elufa Manga Williams to   withdraw the traditional key handed to the chairman of the Social Democratic Front, Ni John Fru Ndi as a sign of friendship when he visited the chiefdom last week.

In the communiqué dated today June 17, 2019, the Chiefs say they are distancing themselves from the friendly gesture of the Paramount chief elect adding that the act is controversial.

The chiefs have also reminded the paramount ruler elect that he does not yet have ministerial confirmation and thus cannot usurp the title of the paramount ruler of Limbe to that extent and their acceptance of the chief elect to associate himself amongst them in public ceremonies is simply for the purpose of solidarity and nothing more.

The chiefs have demanded that the paramount ruler elect tender an apology to them with regards to the handing over of the traditional key and address a letter of withdrawal to Ni John Fru Ndi informing him of the key withdrawal.

Chief Elufa Manga Williams handing traditional key to Fru Ndi

The Chiefs have also added that HRM John Elufa Manga Williams should desists from executing any further action as paramount ruler of Limbe until he is confirmed as paramount chief by the competent authority.

The outing of the chiefs has received several criticisms in and out of Limbe. One of such criticisms is from SDF Militant, Mola Thomas Likiye Otto who says the Chairman was given the key because he is a respecter of tradition and he couldn’t have visited Limbe without honoring the charismatic traditional ruler of a city that for centuries has practiced and preached the culture of living together. He says they are happy to have the key and in the future, they would collect more keys, not from those who signed the hate filled communiqué but from the great people of Limbe.

Mola Thomas Likiye adds that it was very embarrassing to see the caliber of people who put their signatures on the said communiqué.

The Paramount chief elect of Limbe has not reacted to this but the question on the lips of many is if he will do just what the chiefs have ordered by withdrawing the key from Fru Ndi. What is going to be the reaction of Chairman Fru Ndi to this whole brouhaha?

Many are also wondering what is so special about this key and why it should be a major issue if it was handed to Ni John Ndi as a sign of friendship and appreciation by the Paramount ruler of Limbe. Well, we hope we will get answers to these questions soon.


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