Limbe Key Saga: Paramount Chief Elect Bows To Pressure Asking Chairman Fru Ndi To Return Controversial Honorary Key Handed To Him

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According to sources, the Paramount chief elect of Limbe, HRM John Elufa Manga Williams has asked the Chairman of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), Ni John Fru Ndi to return the controversial honorary key he handed to him on June 13, 2019. This was after a meeting held at the palace of Chief Otto Musungo of Batoke where the chiefs met to deliberate on the key issue.

Limbe Chiefs speaking to the press after deliberations.

This comes on the heels of a strong worded communiqué from the Limbe Chiefs Conference asking the Paramount ruler elect to withdraw the key and tender an apology to them. According to the chiefs, the paramount chief elect has no authority to do so given that he has not been given a ministerial confirmation and thus cannot usurp the title of paramount ruler to that extent.

The friendly gesture of the paramount ruler elect also met with strong resistance from mayors and councilors of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party.

According to the President of the Limbe Chiefs Conference, HRH Ndiko Fonderson, they are not asking for the withdrawal because it was handed to Fru Ndi but because HRM John Elufa Manga Williams has no powers to do so.

HRM Manga Williams handing symbolic key to Fru Ndi

Responding to the demands of the chiefs, Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi said as an honorary citizen of Limbe, he deserves the key to the chiefdom and those who think he does not deserve the key can come to his residence at Ntarinkon in Bamenda and collect it. He however added that he will happily return the key if the paramount chief-elect who handed the key to him asks him to do so.

The paramount ruler elect has also been fined for handing the key to Chairman Fru Ndi. The following items have been demanded from him:

  • A pig
  • One bottle of whisky
  • Three crates of beer
  • 200, 000 FCFA to be shared among  the chiefs
  • An apology letter.

According to Godden Zama, the SDF district chairman in Limbe, no letter of withdrawal has been sent to the National Chairman as of now. He adds that if they must collect the key, they should begin by collecting the key the Paramount ruler gave to the Senior Divisional Officer of Fako under the same circumstances.


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