Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Is Here! Meet The Housemates

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Here are all amazing 21 BBN Season four housemates #pepperdemgang. Find out who and what they are, their ages, where they are coming from, likes and dislikes, relationship status etc.


First housemate to be introduced by Ebuka is the very beautiful Saidat Avala Balogun, a 30 year old musician from Ogun state.

 She says she can’t wait to meet her housemates and find out their different personalities. She has never auditioned for Big brother before and she thinks this is the chance for the world to know her and her music. Avala is in for the money, loves dancing, partying and music.

The Ogun princess says she is not single and not ready to mingle.


The next housemate is another very pretty lady Ikiti state. Khafi Kareem is a 29 year old Police Officer who lives in London. She says auditioning for Big brother was just an adventure for her, not minding if she got selected or not. Big brother Naija is going to be an incredible experience for Khafi. She is single and hopes to be the first female to win the grand prize.


Our first male housemate is Omashola from Delta state. He is 38 and has auditioned for Big brother Africa once but never got the chance. Well, that chance is here now for him. He says people consider him a talkative. The ultimate for him is the money. Fame and love can come after.


 Our next housemate has an amazing name, Frodd. He is 28 and a corporate guy, marketer from Anambra state but lives in Lagos. He says he is a bit complicated and is in for the money.

As for his strategy, he says he can’t reveal the Frodd secret.

5. IKE

 26-year-old Steve Ikechukwu Onyeama from Imo state  is our next housemate. He is loud and colourful. A lot of people think he is over confident. He is a model and he is in for the money and the experience. He is single and ready to mingle.

He loves women and dislikes judgmental people. His strategy is to win the hearts of Nigerians and make them vote for him.


 Our next housemate is Victoria “Ella” Nnabuchi from Anambra state.

 She is 30, single but not available. She likes dancing a lot, loves attention and hates cheaters and liars. She says she is going to light up the house and hopes to be Head of House.


23 year old beauty queen, kemoprah from Imo state is our 6th housemate. She represented Nigeria at the Miss Intercontinental World Beauty Pageant.

Big brother Naija is going to be an exciting experience for her. She is in for the money and the experience.

She loves dancing, travelling and hate bullies. She is manipulative, sarcastic, single and available.


The next Pepper Dem housemate is 27 year old Isilomo Braimoh from Edo state. She is very excited to be in the house and she hopes Nigerians will fall in love with her.

Isilomo has an MA in Human Resource Management with professional certification. She is adventurous, athletic, single and ready to mingle. She says her launch outfit was inspired by the host of the show, Ebuka.


Our next housemate is 23 year old Software engineer Jackye from Anambra state. She is blessed to be in the house and is in for the money, experience and fame. She likes sports, music, real people and hate liars.

She has no strategy and is ready to go with the flow. She thinks big brother naija is a very big platform for her and viewers should expect a lot of suspense from her.

She is not married but in a relationship.


 Tuoyo is a 24 year old Psycho therapist, fitness trainer and part-time striper from Delta state.

He is in for the money and the girls. He hates gossipers, liars and expects to be judged for being a striper.


Masseur, Pageant boy and former Mr. Universe Nigeria Nelson is 26 from Rivers state. He is elated to be in the house and is going to put in his best to win.

He dislikes dishonest people and is in for the money.

He is single and very very available.


Sir Dee is 28, a banker from Kogi state. His bosses didn’t know that he was coming for the show and he has no plans working as a banker after the show.

He is in for the money and the experience.

13. SEYI

 Seyi is the grandson of Obafemi Awolowo. He is 30, from Ogun state and his strategy will depend on his fellow housemates. He hates fake individuals.

He is coming to BBN just to experience the show and enjoy every moment.

He is not single and not available either.


 Our next BBN housemate is the very gorgeous Esther Olaoluwa Agunbiade from Lagos state. She is just 22, a lawyer and is very nervous and excited to be on the show.

She likes dancing, reading and fun. She is sarcastic and people think she is blunt and rude. She says she is going to bring fire and thunder to the show.

She is in for the money, experience and fun.

She is very single.


 Thelma is 26, from Imo state.  She intends to spice up the show and bring mad fun to the house.

She likes dancing and dislikes pretense and lies.

She is in for the experience and then, the money.

She is in a relationship


 Gedoni is 31, a Designer from Cross River state.

BBN is a great platform for him as it will give him the exposure he needs.

Likes sports, eba and hates lies.

He is single but not searching.


 Diane Yahim is a very charming 23 year old model from Kaduna state.

She is very excited and thankful to be on the show. She loves cooking but does not intend to use that as a strategy.

She is in for the money and experience. She dislikes people who look down on others.

She is single and available.


Our next Pepper Dem housemate represents all shades of pepper. Mercy is 26 and a video vixen from Kaduna state.

She feels accomplished to be on the show. She loves cleaning and cooking. People think she is blunt and can’t keep a secret. She is in for the money, single but not searching.


Social media sensation Tacha is apparently a very controversial person. She is 23, from Rivers state and very elated to be in the house.

She hates gossip mongers and house chores. Tacha is very confident that she will win the money and says all other housemates are just escorts. Well, we will find out if that’s true after 99 days.

20. JEFF

He is 30, from Anambra state. He intends to have fun with the ladies and is in for the money and then, the experience. He doesn’t give up on anything, no matter what.

21. MIKE

He is 28, from Lagos state, married and blessed to be in the house. He is an athlete; British and Nigerian champion high jumper.

He is a straight talker and believes that his relationship with his wife won’t be affected while in the house.


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