Bet Naija Coins – Importance To Housemates

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Bet Naija Coins – Importance To Housemates.

Big brother naija has introduced a new twist in the ongoing Pepper Dem season; Betnaija coins. You may have been wondering why these coins are so important to housemates. These housemates battle so hard in their tasks and even fight and quarrel among themselves just because of these coins. Well, wonder no more, we got you covered.

After the first week of this season, we were shocked to see Isilomo and Avala leave the show on the basis of having the lowest coins in the house. It was the first time in the history of the show for housemates to be evicted without votes from the viewers. Could they have gone far in the game and possibly win the grand prize if votes were rather used? Well, that is a story for another day.

Isilomo and Avala evicted with lowest Bet naija coins

Big brother also made the Housemates contribute a huge percentage of their coins to buy food when they lost their wager. Beyond these, there is actually more to these coins than you may have imagined.

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Here are some of the things that Housemates will be able to do with their coins and the amount of coins needed for that.

How Bet Naija Coins Would Be Traded

-Fast food or takeaway meal: 600 Betnaija Coins

-A spa treatment: 1000 Bet9ja Coins

-A secret room night with a friend: 1000 Bet9ja Coins

-A Nomination card: 1500 Bet9ja Coins.

-A Playback recording of a diary room nomination process: 1800 Bet naija Coins.

-Immunity from nomination for one week: 2000 Bet naija Coins.

-A letter from home: 2000 Bet naija Coins.

-Veto Power position and privilege for a week: 2500 Bet naija Coins.

-Head of house position and privilege for a week: 2500 Bet9ja Coins.

-A video message from home: 2500 Bet9ja Coins.

-Immunity from nomination for two weeks: 2750 Bet9ja Coins

So, you would understand why these housemates keep their coins so jealously and would even sacrifice a lot to get more of these coins.

Housemates can acquire coins when they win the HOH task, the veto power challenge, Friday BetNaija arena games and other tasks from big brother.

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A housemates can win as much as 500 coins from arena games, 250 coins from HOH task and 100 coins from the veto power challenge.

Esther wins Bet naija coins
Khafi wins Bet naija coins

Housemates are expected to secure their coins as best as they can. Big brother has provided them with safety boxes and locks for this purpose. This means housemates can lose these coins to their fellow housemates if they keep them carelessly.

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When housemates get evicted, they can either give their coins to other housemates who are still in the game or return them to big brother. However, these coins are in fact virtual and can only be used in the Big brother house. So housemate cannot use Bet9ja coins to purchase anything or carryout any transactions out of the house.

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