Wrestling Champion Super Makia Dies At 61

Super makia dies
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Wrestling Champion Super Makia Dies At 61 After A Brief Illness.

Iconic Cameroonian former Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Mbeng Jacob Makia, also known professionally as Super Makia is no more. Super Makia passed away yesterday August 01 at the Yaounde Military hospital after a brief illness. He died at 61.

Super Makia was the best wrestler Cameroon has ever produced and of course, one of Africa’s best. The legend remained unbeatable in a total of 86 wrestling games in his entire career, recording 85 victories and a draw.

According to http://face2face.com, Makia was Africa’s wrestling champion from 1986 till his retirement in 2014, defeating giants like ‘’Big Bulu,’’ ‘’Ngamazine,’’ and ‘’Times Manodor’’.

Wrestling champion super makia  dies at 61

Super Makia was born in Kumba in the Meme Division of the South West Region of Cameroon, where he obtained his elementary school certificate.

He moved to Nigeria and enrolled at the Lagos School of Sports as an amateur wrestler in 1974. He subsequently moved to Hong Kong where he fought as a professional wrestler for two years.

Super Makia’s Outstanding Performances

Some of Makia’s outstanding performances that are still very fresh in the memories of many Cameroonians date back to the early 1980s to the late 1990s. Back then, the wrestler resisted the weight of 20 bags of cement on his chest for 10 minutes. He also pulled a stationary vehicle with his teeth. More amazingly, he had stones split on his chest with sledge hammers to the astonishment of several Cameroonians.

The late legend pulling stationery vehicle

Makia also single-handedly pulled 50 soldiers with each hand. When he clasped his fingers, 100 persons could not untie them.

One of the many things Cameroonians and Africans in general would remember him for would be his chicken eating ability. During his prime, Makia was known to feast on 8 full chickens a day . That is 2 for breakfast, 2 for lunch, 2 for pre-dinner, and 2 for dinner.

After his retirement, Makia reduced his rate of chicken consumption to 3 daily but could still pull a stationary vehicle with his teeth.

Wrestling Champion Super Makia’s Outing On Cameroun Feeling

One of his last TV appearances was in October 2018 on the national station of the Cameroon Radio Televesion (CRTV). That was on the Breakfast show Cameroun Feeling hosted by Patience Embelle Fominyen.

Wrestling champion super makia and the Cameroon feeling family
From left to right: Prescilia Lum (Cameroun Feeling slot Presenter), Ariane Cecile Mbock (Cameroun Feeling slot Presenter ), Super Makia, Super Makia’s wife, Patience Embelle F. (Cameroun Feeling Host) and Nkembe Ngochi (Cameroun Feeling slot Presenter )

Super Makia who was visibly still very strong and healthy shared his experience as a wrestler. According to him, one of the many things that sustained him as a wrestler was his diet consisting of a whole lot of protein.

Wrestling champion super makia and the Cameroon feeling family 2

No one would have thought that the very happy and lively Super Makia we saw on that breakfast show will embark on this journey of no return barely months later.

The death of Super Makia is not only shocking to many Cameroonians but also very heartbreaking and painful. Super Makia is gone but his legacy lives on. He remains a legend for ever.

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According to Camer.be, Super Makia will be buried in the next couple of days in his native South West.

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