Cameroonian Girl Loses Fiancé and 6Million To A Ghost Dream Lover

Cameroonian girl loses fiance and 6 million

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Cameroonian Girl Loses Fiancé and 6Million To A Ghost Dream Lover.

Henriette Thatcher tells the story of Gisele who loses her Cameroonian Fiancé And 6 Million Francs F CFA to a Ghost Dream Lover and Venture On Facebook.

33 year old Gisele has been in a healthy relationship with Gilbert Nkwain for four years. Wedding bells were set to ring come December this year. Unfortunately, that might not happen again as Gisele saw Christmas and dumped Sunday.

Gilbert who is a Petroleum Engineer met Gisele in 2015 in a bus from Douala to Yaounde. From ‘hello’ to exchange of contacts and hangouts to familiarity to dating till when Gilbert proposed and Gisele said YES.

Gilbert got her a job with SNH Yaoundé and everything was rosy, until in May this year, when Gisele started behaving funny.

She had met a fair skin guy on Facebook called Thierry Fossung. The guy told her he was a Cameroonian living in the US, and was interested in her. He even sent a guy who we later discovered as his true self to Gisele twice, claiming it was his brother.

Fast forward, love became the order of day. Since he was single, he said he needed to get married as soon as possible, to reduce most taxes he paid.

He told Gisele he is a Professor in one US based University. He further proposed her a scholarship from the school. And to make her dream and believe him more, he sent her a letter from that school with a scholarship offer in her name.

According to the letter, the scholarship was to be effective come October 2019. The scholarship was tuition only and other expenses to be paid by the recipient.

Another letter came in for some documents that would cost $4000. That is more than 2 million F CFA and accommodation reservation worth the same amount.

Thierry promised to pay her flight ticket and said he would assist her when she gets to the US.

Another last minute financial demand came in, and that would be the money to finalize things for her to go to the US Embassy for the visa. Gisele gave the money to the strange guy, who probably was equally the one with the FAKE Thierry Fossung profile.

Gilbert knew nothing at all. All he knew was that Gisele had become lukewarm towards him. At times he would call and she won’t answer, but her lines were always busy all night.

Finally she got an invitation letter to go to the Embassy. She was 100% sure that she would get the visa and travel to the IS, so she resigned from her close to 500k/month job.

At the embassy, it was discovered that all the documents were FAKE. The only true thing was the name of the school. No Professor by the name Thierry Fossung had ever been recruited in that school. The Embassy rejected her file and denied her the Visa.

When she came out shocked, she tried to contact the so called brother, but the number went dead till date. She went to Facebook, and the profile of Thierry Fossung had vanished.

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Gossip had already gotten to Gilbert that she had resigned to travel to the US, and worse of all, the money she used was a joint savings for their December wedding.

Gisele contacted Henriette Thatcher, a motivational speaker and social media influencer. Henriette advised her to go confess everything to Gilbert herself. They tried to track the number of the guy here in Cameroon, but discovered that he bought the sim purposely to SCAM Gisele.

Gilbert does not want to have anything to do with her again and she has no job. “Gisele is back to square one, and there is nothing I can do, because I cannot chase a ghost.” Henriette adds.

Advice from Henriette:

“Dear friends, beware of how you make new friends especially on Social Media. Be very careful with how you easily believe in strangers and their proposals to do business with you.

“I have pleaded with Gilbert not to expose Gisele to his people yet, while hoping he digests his shock and decides with a clear mind on how to end or continue the relationship.”

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Story originally published on Henriette Thatcher’s Lounge.

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