Woman Caught Exchanging Counterfeit Bank Notes At Buea Central Market

woman caught exchanging fake bank notes at central market Buea

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 Woman Caught Exchanging Counterfeit Bank Notes At The Buea Central Market.

A woman in the city of Buea is now helping the police at the Buea central prison with investigations after attempting to exchange counterfeit bank notes at the Buea central market.

The lady who is apparently in her 30s is reported to have been suffocating markets in and around Buea with fake 10,000 FCFA bank notes.

Unfortunately for the lady, Saturday 3rd August apparently was her day of reckoning. On the fateful day, she had gone to the market with several counterfeit bank notes to purchase items. She was however caught red-handed when she tried to persuade a very vigilant crayfish vendor to reimburse her difference following the purchase of packs of crayfish.

The crayfisht seller explains:

Woman caught exchanging counterfeit at Buea central  market
The crayfish seller explaining

“Today she came to the market and bought crayfish from me for 1,500 FCFA. She gave me a 10,000 FCFA bank note. When I looked closely at the money, I noticed that it was counterfeit because I have been given such money severally.

I asked her to give me a different note but she said that was the only money she had. She asked me to return the money to her but I said I won’t because if I did, she would have taken it to another vendor.

She said the money was given to her by her mum. I asked her to go and call her mother but she said her mother is sick. I asked her if we should go to the police and she said no. She further asked me to destroy the money but I said I won’t.

 I took the morning to my neighbors and they confirmed that it was a counterfeit bank not. They however asked me to give it back to her. She was already leaving when I ran after her to return the money to her.

When I gave the money to her, I noticed several other bank notes in her bag as she opened it to return the bank note. I was surprised and asked her why she said she had no other money when she in fact had several other bank notes.

I told her to give me a different bank note so I can reimburse her balance since she had disturbed me enough. As I took the money, I noticed that they were all counterfeit notes as well.”

Vendors and buyers at the market could not hide their anger as most of them complained of haven received such fake notes at least once in the past.

Other vendors express their anger:

“Someone must have been given her the fake bank notes. Let her take us to the person.” A lady vents her anger.

“We won’t cope if they keep taking away our hard-earned money. If someone gives me a fake 10,000 FCFA bank note and I reimburse her a difference of 9,000 FCFA, I will just go crazy; my little capital will go down the drain” another lady adds.


“I’m tired of receiving fake bank notes. She has to be beaten” says a male vendor.

“She should be imprisoned for about 10 years. If it were a man, he would have been killed but since it is a woman, she has been kept in there. Let her be brought out, we want to beat her up!’’ another angry male vendor adds.

The woman only escaped being lynched by the angry mob, thanks to the help of the market security operatives who secured her in their premises and alerted the forces of law and order.

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Woman Caught Exchanging Counterfeit: Mr. Ndive Paul Njoh, the market head explains:


“This afternoon, my colleague brought this lady to the office saying she was caught exchanging fake bank notes in the market. As you can see the population is agitating out there but I have called the police because it is above my competence to handle criminal matters.

This situation has been reported severally in many markets. It happened barely days back at Muea, Great Soppo as well as Limbe. I’m happy because one of the agents has been caught. I’m thus calling on all the traders to continue with such collaborations so we can fish out more of such persons”

Woman caught exchanging counterfeit

It is alleged that the suspect has carried out the terrible act to several other traders. The lady explaining herself in French says the money was given to her by her mother and she didn’t know that they were fake notes.

She was taken away by the police and is now helping them with further investigations, Hi Tv Cameroon reports.


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