Limbe Food Poisoning Tragedy: 12 Year-Old House Help Claims Responsibility

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The suspects of the Limbe food poisoning tragedy that claimed the lives of three family members and left 8 others in a critical condition have been arrested.

One of the five suspects is a 12-year-old house help who was recently brought from the village. According to a confession made by the house help whose only name we got as Bessem, she poisoned the food because she was angry after being scolded at.

Another version of the story which we cannot independently verify its veracity says the house help further confessed that she was sent by her own mother to pour the chemical into the food. Again! we cannot verify this.

This is a developing story ! A proper autopsy report is also awaited from the doctors.

It should be recalled that Mama Gladys Ebai (66 yrs), daughter Shella Mbeng Ebai (38 yrs), and grand daughter Che Shalom (3 yrs), died last Thursday of food poisoning after consuming dinner (corn fufu and vegetables).

Eight other family members were left in a critical condition.

Check out the full story of that sad incident here.

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