Chief Asks Fru Ndi To Apologize For Visiting Limbe Food Poisoning Victims

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Chief Asks Fru Ndi To Apologize For Visiting Limbe Food Poisoning Victims.

The traditional ruler of Livanda village in Limbe has signed a release today Monday August 12th denouncing what he calls the “unauthorized visit” of the chairman of the Social Democratic Front SDF to a “crime scene”.

The chief says it is against the tradition of the people for strangers to visit crime scenes in his village. The Chief of Livanda wants Fru Ndi to apologies to the village within 48 hours.

Chief Asks Fru Ndi To Apologize for visiting crime scene

He adds that as a respecter of culture and tradition, the Chairman would understand what it means “to break other people’s customs and tradition.”

Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi paid a condolence visit to the Ebai Family in Limbe after the food poisoning tragedy that left three family members dead and close to a dozen others hospitalized. He was accompanied by the first Vice President of the party, Hon. Joshua Osih and other party officials.

The communiqué of the Chief has attracted widespread condemnation from many, both on the traditional and social media.

The question many have been asking is if this is an attack on the personality of the SDF Chairman or just a respect of tradition. This question is motivated by the fact that several strangers have visited the “crime scene” since the occurrence of the incident on Thursday.

Chief Asks Fru Ndi To Apologize for visiting victims

Did the Chief grant authorizations to all these different strangers? Several other crimes must have been committed in Livanda village before the recent one. Did the Chief issue authorizations to people who visited the scenes? If NO, why should the visit of Chairman Fru Ndi be an exception? Why should the chief ask Fru Ndi to apologize for visiting victims of a tragedy?

A social media user writes “Has it gotten to the extent where we need permissions to visit people in distress and agony? It appears some people think they own this nation. This is bad! Overzealousness is a disease.”

This is not the first time a chief from Limbe is “attacking” the SDF Chairman after his visit to the city of Friendship.

Barely few months back, Fru Ndi visited the Paramount ruler of Limbe after being denied entrance into the partially burnt National Oil Refinery – SONARA.

He was handed a symbolic key by the Paramount ruler of Limbe. Surprisingly, other chiefs later asked the ruler to take back the key arguing that the gesture was against their customs and tradition.

Check out the full story of that Limbe key saga here.

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