BBNaija Pepper Dem Eviction Preview: Week 7

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Welcome to today’s edition of our BBNaija Pepper Dem eviction preview.  We are currently in week 7 of the reality TV show. Last week was a week of grace for the housemates. There were no nominations and of course, no evictions.

But hey, in as much as we would love to see our favorites stay until day 99, BBNaija Pepper Dem can never be as interesting as it is without evictions. So, this week, the eviction door is going to be opened and goodbyes will be said.

Last week, big brother introduced the nomination challenge after dividing the house into two – Cruisetopia (Green Team) and The Icons (Red team).

Pepper dem eviction preview cruisetopia
pepper dem eviction preview the icons

This week, Cruisetopians who have been on a winning adventure since last week equally won the nomination challenge. The entire Icon teams were thus put up for possible eviction this Sunday.

bbn pepper dem eviction preview nomination challenge

However, veto power holder Diane saved Sir Dee, replacing him with one of the new comers, Joe from her team.

bbn pepper dem Diane

So Joe, Frood, Cindy, Tacha, Enkay, Khafi, Omashola, Elozonam and Ike are all up for possible eviction. Big brother says at least one of these housemates will be evicted on Sunday. We are predicting that at least two of them will be evicted.

Who is safe?

Controversial housemate Tacha is definitely going to stay. She is one of the strongest housemates and we can predict that she will stay till the last day. As a matter of fact, she has a very high chance at winning the money.

Excluding this week, Tacha has been up for possible eviction on 4 different occasions and of course, her fans voted massively in all 4 occasions to keep her in the game. We are certain that those fans won’t relent their efforts this time. We are also predicting that she would top the voting poll this week.


Another housemate who is not going home just yet is Omashola. The Warri guy is also one of the strongest in the house. He has won the hearts of many fans of the show with his spontaneity, hilarious nature and of course, the interesting diary room sessions. Like Tacha, we strongly believe that Omashola is a potential finalist.

Ike is also not going home just yet. In addition to his fans, team Mercy will help keep him in the game.

Khafi is also definitely going to escape the bbnaija pepper dem eviction this week. She is that housemate with a heart of gold. Viewers have fallen for her spiritedness, love for others, selflessness, always happy nature and tolerance towards other housemates. They will definitely keep her in the game.

Frood will also be saved. We do not think Frood will get to the final but he is definitely not going home this week. He may not have a huge fan base but has enough to keep him in the game at least for now.

Another housemate who still has some time in the game is new comer, Elozonam. Though this is his first nomination, we think he has made enough fans who will keep him in the game for now.

Cindy is one housemate that we are not so sure of her fate for now but again we think there is a bigger chance that she will stay. Many have come to love her for her humility and how down to earth she is.

Who is going home on Sunday?

We are certain that Enkay is leaving the house this Sunday. Many viewers think she is rude and looks down on others. This was further confirmed when she humiliated and mocked Cindy over ludo. Since then, fans have been saying they can’t wait to see her out on Sunday.

Her behavior during the ludo incident only helped Cindy gain more support and love. As you can see on this hilarious image below, fans while drawing inspiration from Master KG’s song have said Enkay should on Sunday ‘’ Remember the road that will lead her home” and should take her ludo with her.

Joe is another housemate who we think would be leaving on Sunday. Fans have agreed with his fellow housemates that he is manipulative and provocative. He came  in together with Enkay and they may just leave together.

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