BBNaija: Seyi, Frodd, Khafi And Jackye Fight Over Alcohol

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BBNaija: Seyi,Frodd, Khafi Ahd Jackye Fight Over Alcohol.

What is the Pepper Dem House without some fiery arguments over food issues? Arguably, food and alcohol have been at the origin of most of the heated confrontations we have seen in the house.

Last night, as a reward for impressing Biggie in this week’s Wager Presentation, the Pepper Dem Gang were given a surprise treat of alcoholic beverages. This was what birthed the shades of insults the Housemates hurled at each other.

Before looking at the heated confrontation last night between Seyi and Frood, let’s quickly discuss the rattle between former best friends in the house, Khafi and Jackye.

bbnaija: frodd and seyi fight over alcohol

 “Don’t shout at me,” Jackye shouted across the Lounge as she addressed Khafi. According to Khafi, she didn’t quite understand why Jackye was hell-bent on monopolizing Biggie’s gifts – “It’s not for the Cruisetopia team alone, it’s a general gift,” she said.

In Jackye’s defense, she had asked Biggie for a special request of a bottle of wine earlier this week. Upon seeing the bottles of alcoholic beverages in the Store Room, she immediately assumed the drinks were prayers answered from Biggie.

Apparently,  part of what made her think the drinks were for her group was because they were announced as the winners of this week’s Bet9ja Arena Games. Oh well, a gift from Biggie, is a gift for all, right?

And Now! The Battle Between Frood And Seyi

Still on the drinks matter, Frodd and Seyi had a second round of argument over Biggie’s gifts.

Was the reward for the Cruisetopia team or for the whole House? Frodd didn’t care. All he wanted to know was why Seyi’s team members – the Cruisetopia team, took it upon themselves to hoard the drinks in their room.

“You said nobody should take drinks to their rooms but your people are taking the drinks inside,” Frodd screamed at Seyi.

Seyi who was already agitated from losing the Arena Challenge, did not fail to call Frodd’s bluff as he kept asking him, “I’m a big man where I’m coming from, don’t talk to me, do you know my lineage?” To which Frodd responded, “Who cares about your lineage?”

After a series of heated arguments between this pair, the matter died down in the Kitchen but not in the Garden because Frodd took his anger to Ike and Sir Dee, where he aired his fury and irritation.

In his words, he was sure Seyi came back into the House after his fake Eviction with some sort of pride and arrogance which was starting to get to him.

BBNaija: Seyi, Frodd ‘s Moment Of Reconciliation

It however didn’t take long for the pair to put their differences behind them and forge ahead.

As usual, the Pepper Dem Gang treated us to a game of “Truth or Dare” and in the process of entertaining themselves with this game; they helped settle the differences between Frodd and Seyi.

You know how mature and diplomatic Mike is. He would always want to iron out things and make peace when he has the chance. When Mike had the opportunity to dare Seyi, he dared him to hug out his differences with Frodd for twenty minutes.

Seyi accepted the challenge, they ironed it out and everything was history.

bbnaija: frodd and seyi fight

Though it ended there, it didn’t end on the social media. Some fans have been applauding Frodd for standing up to Seyi. ” I stopped being a Seyi fan yesterday. This unnecessary being proud irritates me. Thank you Frodd for giving him hot” a facebook user.

“Wealthy people don’t make noise. Their wealth speaks volumes. Thank you Frodd for putting him in his place.” Another user adds.

They equally think Seyi is a little too proud and looks down on his fellow housemates. According to them, Seyi being the grandson of Obafemi Awolowo and the fact that he comes from a privileged family should not be a passport for him to intimidate and talk down on others.

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