Man Brutally Kills 4 Children, Gets Arrested

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Three children of the same family have been brutally assassinated In Bakassa village, Bana Subdivision in the Upper Nkam Division, West Region of Cameroon. The victims are:

  • Poutcheu Gabriel, 08 years old
  • Dakleu Treasure, 08 years old
  • Kameni Junior, 06 years old
  • Deugoue Ulrich, 04 years old

The four children who have been living in Douala went to Bakassa last weekend to attend a thanksgiving mass organized by the family.
Apparently, the children did not attend the mass when they got to the house of their grandmother whose name we got as Mrs. Fiaga Angelina Claire.

The alleged murderer Kameni Henri was left with the children as the family gathered for the church thanksgiving service but by 5:30 pm, he could not account for the kids. 
The disturbed family immediately reported the matter to the gendarmerie office in Bana, which demanded reinforcement from Bafang and descended to the village today.

With pressure from the security elements, Kameni Henri led them to the bush were the corpses of the kids were dumped. 

The four kids were murdered and dumped in the bush. Their genitals were also removed. The reason for this macabre act is still unknown. Angry inhabitants of Bana have been questioning what he wanted to use the body parts for. They almost lynched the murderer but for the timely intervention of the forces of law and order.

We learnt that the alleged murderer is also a member of the family. He is fondly referred to as “Uncle” by the same kids he murdered.

The alleged murderer is currently detained at the Bafang Prison in the West Region. He would assist the elements of law and order in ongoing investigations aimed at uncovering the full story behind the act.

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