BBNaija Week 8 Eviction Preview

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Hello… It’s another week in the BBNaija Pepper Dem House. Welcome to our BBNaija week 8 Eviction Preview. Last week just as we predicted, Tacha topped the voting poll followed by Omashola and Ike.

We also predicted that Enkay and Joe would be evicted. That was exactly what happened. Let’s see how well we do that this week.

This week, Team Cruisetopia lost the nomination challenge to Team Icons. All members of the Cruisetopian team were immediately put up for possible eviction as a result of that. However, luck smiled on new housemate Venita as she was saved by Veto power Elozonam.

BBNaija week 8 eviction: the nomination challenge

This decision came as a surprise to some housemates and several viewers who thought Elozonam was going to save Diane considering how emotionally attached they are to each other.

BBNaija Week 8 Eviction: cruisetopia vs icons

Saving Venita may have come as a surprise to housemates but replacing her with Frodd did not. Simply put in their own words “Frodd is a very difficult person.”

This means Frodd, Mercy, Diane, Mike, Seyi, Gedoni and Jackye are all up for possible eviction this week. According to Big brother, at least one of them will leave the house on Sunday. Esther got immunity after winning the Head Of House Task.

Who is Safe This Week?


You can call her Lamborghini if you want. Mercy has gained admiration, love and loyalty not only because of how pretty and “hot” she looks but also because of how real, genuine and humble she is. Her relationship with Ike has also helped her gain support from fans who will love to see the ship sail even further.

Mercy is arguably one of the strongest in the house and she is definitely going nowhere just yet. We think she is not only a potential finalist but also has a great chance at the money.


Mike like Mercy is also a very strong contender. Viewers have loved him for his maturity, genuineness and diplomatic skills. He isn’t leaving anytime soon. There is no doubt that Mike is going to make it to the final. He also has a very strong chance at the money.


He has been up for eviction severally. He may not have topped the polls at any time and many may have misunderstood him but trust me, this guy has a Froddnation out there routing for him. He still has some time in the house.


Seyi is not only smart but he is also focused and a game player. He may or may not stay till day 99 but we think he is going to escape eviction this week.


Diane is not only a pretty, charming and gorgeous looking young lady; she is also smart and focused. She is humble and has a good heart. Her fans are not ready to let her go just yet.

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BBNaija Week 8 Eviction: Who Leaves on Sunday?


Gedoni’s relationship with Khafi may have a significant impact on his game. Many think that he is not true and genuine to Khafi. They also think he is just using Khafi to play his game. Whether these are facts or just misjudgments and conspiracy theories, the point is that this may negatively affect his game.


She is pretty, smart, talented, creative and focused as well. You may just want to call her “Beauty with brains.” Unfortunately, she may have been misunderstood by viewers who think she is still to come out of her shell. We would honestly love to see her stay and we hope her fans can go the extra mile and keep her in the house.

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