BBN Pepper Dem Eviction Preview Week 9

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It’s another week in the BBNaija Pepper Dem House. Welcome to our week 9 BBN Pepper Dem eviction preview.

Last week, we did well with our predictions. Just as we predicted, Mercy topped the voting poll, followed by Mike, and of course Gedoni and Jackye got evicted with the least votes.

BBN Pepper Dem Eviction: voting poll

Let’s see how well we are going to do this week.

This week, Team Legends lost the nomination challenge. Of course that means they are all up for possible eviction with the exception of Khafi and Omashola.

Khafi escaped nomination after winning this week’s Head of House challenge earlier on Monday. Omashola on the other hand was saved and replaced with Cindy by veto power holder Ike.

This therefore means Frodd, Tacha, Cindy, Sir Dee, Esther, and Venita are all up for possible eviction this week.

BBN Pepper Dem Eviction: who goes home?

According to Big Brother, the exciting journey would come to an end for at least one of them on Sunday.

BBN Pepper Dem Eviction Preview: Who is safe this week?


She is definitely safe. She would in fact top the voting poll this week just like she has done in some previous polls. She is controversial and despite the hate and criticisms thrown at her, there are still a lot of persons out there who love her and would do everything to make sure her stay in the house doesn’t end prematurely. She is not only a potential finalist but a potential winner.


Frodd has had a roller-coaster journey since the start of the show, hasn’t he? People have expressed different views about him. Some think he is too emotional. Others think he is just a very difficult person. And then, there are those who think that he has fallen foolishly in love with Esther and has allowed himself to be used by her.

We cannot judge if these are facts or misconceptions but you will agree with me that they have significantly affected Frodd’s game. That however seems to be working for him; who wouldn’t want to stay in the house till the last day?

Controversies and maybe misconceptions surrounding Frodd have only helped him gained more love and support from viewers. After all, its Pepper Dem season, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t vote for someone who is peppering dem?

BBN Pepper Dem Eviction: Frodd and Esther

Frodd has been up for possible eviction on more occasions that any other housemate and his fans have kept him in the house on all those occasions. That fan base has even grown bigger lately. He used to manage to escape eviction weeks ago but lately, his fans make sure he does not only escape eviction, but is comfortably safe.


Fans love Cindy because they consider her the “simple local girl” they needed in the house.

Her humility has played out well for her. The ludo incident between her and Enkay was also a turning point for her. Several fans after that believed that most housemates were looking down on Cindy.

Though viewers couldn’t get into the house and fight for her, they decided that they were going to fight for her by keeping her in the house through their votes.

On the Chopping Block

It’s pretty difficult to break the tie between Venita and Sir Dee.

It’s almost 100% certain that Esther is going home on Sunday but the question is who goes home with her, Sir Dee or Venita?

Now Esther is most definitely going home because several fans have hoped for several weeks to have her on the chopping block. Now they have her and there is no way they will allow her escape. They think though Frodd has expressed genuine love for her, she on the other hand has not treated him fairly. Frodd’s fans would love to see Esther leave so their favorite can concentrate on the game.

Frodd may not even be the main reason why Esther is leaving this Sunday. Apparently, she is just not a favorite to many.

Back to Venita and Sirdee

We think Venita’s chances of staying are stronger. She came into the house as a celeb and of course, brought some revival to the game. Many quickly picked her as their favorite and apparently her fan base quickly grew bigger.

It would however appear that for some reason that fan base is no longer as strong as it used to be. Maybe they expected her to be the real pepper they wanted to see.

If Sir Dee is leaving this Sunday, it would probably be because most of his fans have gradually lost the interest they initially had in him. His fan base was bigger at the start of the game but it has significantly dropped.

Most of them probably got disappointed when the much anticipated ship between her and Diane did not sail. Simply put, fans think Sir Dee is not adding any special spice to the game at the moment.

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What do think about our BBN Pepper Dem Eviction Preview for this week? Do you agree with our predictions? Who do you think is leaving on Sunday? Let’s hear from you.

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