Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019 – Females

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Hello… today we are going to profile top 10 best Cameroonian female musicians 2019. This ranking is limited to Kamer URBAN artists/musicians/singers ONLY. Well, we may do a ranking for old timers and cultural artists later. That is if our readers are interested in that.


Our first and most important criterion for this classification was views and suggestions from our readers. So, they have influenced the nature and structure.

Secondly, how well these singers have represented and made Cameroon proud on the international scene was also considered.

Finally, what is the life of an artist without the social media? Social media presence was our final criterion.

It’s important to note that though this classification is done in 2019, it is not limited only to 2019. This means, we didn’t focus only on what these artists have been up to this year. We also looked at what they have done in the last few years; in other words, the bests so far.

After reading this, tell us if you think someone is missing on this ranking or maybe, deserves to get a better rating than they did.

You can also check out our male top 10 best Cameroonian musicians 2019.

So let’s get down to it.

10. Askia

We start our list of top 10 best Cameroonian musicians 2019 with our latest Mrs. in the industry. Askia Karin is popularly referred to as the Queen of Apha Better Records owned by music producer Salatiel. Others call her the goddess of rap music in Kamer. She is in fact not only one of the best in Cameroon but also in Africa. She is one of the very few females who have dared to venture into the rap industry in Cameroon; a thing that many ladies would shy away from.

Askia’s first single was tat Obasseh. After that, she went further and surprised her fans with gimme the koko. She however did not come to the limelight until her single welcome for kwata ft. Sidi Boy. Ma valeur was also a huge breakthrough as it was loved by most of her fans.

Askia is based in the South West region of Kamer and she recently got married to the love of her life.

9. Mel B. Akwen

She is considered as one of the few pioneers of urban music in Cameroon.

Her real name is Foncho Margaret Akwen, born July 12th and raised to a Christian family of four, all girls and second daughter of both parents. She comes from North West region in Cameroon – Mankon Village precisely.

Mel,B Akwen, popularly called by her friends and loved ones Mel or Maggi, grew up in Yaoundé (Center region) of Cameroon. She has been in the music industry for close to a decade now.

Trying out in the National music competition “Star2Demain” in 2009, she got to the semi-finals. She got signed to the record label Street talkz ent./Pionaire Records – now known as “Pionaire Music.”

Her first major breakthrough came with wanda in 2014.

She has released several singles which are quite successful, promoted and played both online and offline. Some of those very popular singles are ndelle in 2016, frappe, Beautiful, Chakara,  Blacky woman and Blessings in which she featured Legend singer Longue Longue in 2017.

Bella in 2018 was another great piece of work.

8. Shura

Shura is a Cameroonian female artist signed to Stevens Music Entertainment. Shura was born in Yaounde – Cameroon, but has since moved to Bamenda to pursue her career in Music. She planted her roots at Alliance Franco in Bamenda, perfecting her skills and recording tracks with Doby Kums. Signing with SME is a clear sign of her maturity as an artist and she has since had the opportunity to Record with the legendary AnyKindBeatsChabizeeGodema and Doby Kums.

 She first came into the music scene in 2016 with the introductory release of “Gweme Bo Za” 

When most Cameroonians hear the name Shura, they think of that fearless girl who brought a different vibe to the Kamer music industry. Of course you can’t hear the name Shura and not remember that song allez dire. It is a song that brought a special spark to Kamer music. That is because it was not just any normal song one would hear on the streets of Cameroon but it was powerful, breathtaking and entertaining at the same time. It was fun to hear even kids running around the streets humming allez dire.

Shura got invited by BBC Africa some months back and of course, they wanted to know her inspiration behind the song.

Shura also sings in Nguemba. She did Te Be Kwi in 2016. She is also famous for her song Atalakou.

7. Reniss

The Mboko Queen is on number 7 on our top 10 best Cameroonian musicians 2019 list.

Kien Rennise Nde (born April 24, 1988, in Mankon), known by her stage name Reniss, is a Cameroonian singer and songwriter. Reniss sings in English, French, Pidgin, and Nguemba. Reniss became well-known in the African music scene after releasing her music video “La Sauce” on May 6, 2016.

Reniss began working with Cameroonian producer and artist, Jovi. Reniss released her first singles, “Fire” and “Holy Wata” in 2011 and 2012, respectively, under Mumak record label. She continued to work with Jovi, featuring on his debut album, H.I.V, in 2012. In 2013, Reniss released her first EP, Afrikan LuV, and an electronic influenced hybrid of pop and African rhythms, under the New Bell Music. 

Reniss released “C’est La Vie”, her first music video with New Bell Music in October 2013. She became more recognized in Cameroon after featuring in the song and video “B.A.S.T.A.R.D” by Jovi in January 2014.

 In August 2015, Reniss released her second EP Milkish. After releasing several more videos, Reniss released the video for her single “La Sauce” in May 2016, gaining 2 million views in 6 months. “La Sauce” continued to gain popularity throughout Africa and Europe, and became the unofficial anthem for Cameroon’s Indomitable Lions, during their rise to winning the 2017 AFCON. La Sauce did not only win the hearts of Cameroonians and football fans but also the heart of Cameroon’s President Paul Biya.

 Reniss’ debut LP Tendon was released in October 2016. Produced by Jovi under his alias “Le Monstre”, in his Mboko style, the album is a hybrid of many genres including Bottle Dance, Njang, Bend Skin, Bikutsi, Makossa, dance hall, RnB, and more.

 On March 8, 2017, Reniss released her EP Reniss Chante Les Classiques in honor of International Women’s Day. In the six-song EP, Reniss covers classic female African artists such as Miriam Makeba,  Cesária Évora, and Bella Bellow. On May 19, 2017, Reniss released “Pilon“, the fifth video from her album Tendon. In January 2018, Reniss released the 5-song EP Express Vol. 1, with an accompanying video “Doudou“.She subsequently released the second video from the EP, “Night Life” featuring Jovi, on April 6, 2018

6. Ewube

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019 - Females EWUBE

From studying Economics at the Department of Economics and Management in the University of Buea to becoming one of Kamer’s finest artists: she occupies the 6th position on our female top 10 best Cameroonian musicians 2019.

Jennifer Ewube, known by her artistic name as Ewube was born on May 31st, 1991. Ewube hails from Mamfe in the South West Region of Cameroon. She has always had a profound love for music, and idolizes Beyoncé, Rihanna and other big names in the industry. She decided to be like her idols, and make a career out of it.
She signed with Best Music Inc label and released some amazing singles like “Party All Nyte”, “Trowey” featuring Rude Bwoi. Her single “Party All Nyte” produced by SLIMBEATZ immediately became one of the main topics in the digital world. The ease at which she sings made so many people call her so many names, from African Rihanna to the queen of kamer hip hop. Well, they are right, aren’t they? Ewube is not only beautiful but her voice is one to die for.

Ewube’s most recent single is Cheri Coco (Lalala) which she released in 2019. But before that, she had released many other soul touching songs. Some of these songs are Party all night in 2013, Troway in 2015, Pop it in 2016, K-Town in 2017, Choleh me in 2017, Stand for peace in 2018 and of course On Melange in 2018.

On Melange in particular was a huge one for Ewube. It kept Cameroonians on their feet not only at clubs but also at different events for a long time.

5. Mimie


Melanie Ngoga is popularly known by her fans as Mimie. She was born on the 11th of January 1991 in Cameroon’s largest city Douala. She discovered her passion for music and movies at the age of only 9. Ever since then she has been singing until she obtained a master in Business Communication and Marketing and then, decided to follow her passion as an actress.

 She acted in two Cameroonian movies; “Paradis” and “Et si c’etait vous? All produced in 2011. Also, the second movie received an award at the Seattle Festival in the USA. She also continued her acting passion by modeling in music videos of some popular Cameroonian artists like Ndedi Eyango amongst others. After haven taken a satisfying tour in the movie and modeling industries, she concentrated on her other passion music were she released her single Dance fi U which was purely in English.

She then released “Dona”; a successful bilingual love song which seized the heart of many Cameroonians and helped her to be more and more popular. Because of her lovely voice and stunning personality, many other Cameroonians artists such as Locko, KO-C, and Dj Zoumanto decided to collaborate with her by using her as a model for their music videos.

Her song Je m’en fous in 2018 got Cameroonians dancing indefatigably. She also released Django in June 2019.

4. Nabila

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019 - Females NABILA

 Fatima “Nabila’’ Rodriguez was born in 1996 in Bamenda Cameroon by a Cameroonian Mum and a Spanish Father. She was grown and raised in Cameroon. Nabila began as a video vixen. She made several appearances in music videos which put her in the spotlight. She was also a backup vocal artiste for 3years before moving on to start her own music career as a solo RnB/Trap artiste. 

Inspired by artists like: Tiwa Savage, Rihanna, Tinashe, Jhene Aiko, Nabila decided in 2014 to continue her passion and released her first single “Turn up” produced by Edi Le’drae. That song brought her a lot of success as she was nominated that year at the Urban Jamz Awards as best Artist of the year. She returned in 2016 with a cover of “Sawa Romance” of Locko. Once again the song was ranked among the best covers of the year. She was immediately spotted and signed a musical production contract under the REGN RECORDS label.

Nabila is not only beautiful, cute, and gorgeous; she also has an amazing sweet voice which has brought her a lot of love, popularity and recognition at only 23. She in fact has what it takes to thrive not only in Cameroon but also in Africa and why not, the world.

She also did  Ca ira in 2017, Tromper in 2018, we need peace in 2018, Vas-y in 2019. Her song ca va aller in 2018 was a major hit, love and appreciated by many in Cameroon.

3. Blanche Bailly

Blanche Bailly is a Cameroonian singer considered by most of her fans as ‘’pretty and fun’’. Her debut official single ‘Kam we stay’ released in August 2016 saw her welcome into the music scene and since then, it has been hits after hits for the singer today celebrated as one of Africa’s best.

After dropping her single Kam we stay in 2016, Blanche decided it was time to move back to her motherland and connect more with the industry she was trying to build a career from. With the success of ‘Kam we stay’, Blanche again in 2017 collaborated with Philbillbeatz on another single she wrote titled ‘Mimbayeur’ which features rapper Minks.

With more success on the single which blew up YouTube with over 5million views, Blanche Bailly became a house hold name in the Central African Music scene. She later dropped more hits like; ‘Dinguo, Bonbon and most recently ‘Ndolo’ and ‘Ton pied, mon pied’.

Her latest Hit ‘Argent’ has been trending across different cities in Cameroon and Africa. Blanche has performed in sold-out shows within Cameroon and countries like Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, France, and Geneva and in 2018 did a successful Europe club tour.

Blanche Bailly’s talent and hard work has been rewarded with nominations for Best Female Central African Artist at the AFRIMA 2018, Best Urban and Revelation of the year at Canal D’or 2018 and winning Revelation of the year at Balafon Music Awards in 2016.

Blanche has been nominated for Best Central Africa Female artist for AFRIMMA 2019 alongside Daphne.

2. Charlotte Dipanda

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019 - Females CHARLOTTE

The beautiful Charlotte Dipanda was born in 1985, Yaoundé, Cameroon. She is an Afropop singer who plays mostly acoustic music. Her lyrics are in French, her native language Bakaka, and in Douala.

She started singing as far back as 2002 with Ndando Jeannot Hens.

Her first solo album was called Mispa, and was released in 2008. The album had 12 songs.  In 2014, she released her third album entitled ‘Massa with 10 songs after releasing her second album ‘Dube L’am’ in 2011 with 14 songs.

One of her major achievements in her career came when she was selected as one of the 3 judges for the show The Voice Afrique francophone broadcast on the channel Vox Africa in 2016. She represented and made Cameroon proud at that competition.

At the 2018 edition of the Balafon Music Awards, charlotte dipanda received two awards namely female voice of the year and the clip of the year with sista. Sista was released in 2018 and Charlotte featured Nigerian Superstar Yemi Alade in the song. The song was one of the nine songs in her fourth album Un Jour Dans Ma Vie which she released in 2018.

Charlotte Dipanda with her charming voice occupies 2nd position on this list of top 10 best Cameroonian musicians 2019.

1. Daphne

Top 10 Best Cameroonian Musicians 2019 - Females DAPHNE

Our top 10 best Cameroonian musicians 2019 ranking can never be complete without the Queen of Kamer urban music Daphne Njie.

 Njie Efundem Daphne was born on September 20, 1989 in Buea by a Bakwerian father and a Bayang mother. She is a Cameroonian Afropop singer. She is best known for her song Calée which tells the story of a girl who fell madly in love with a young man.

Daphne’s first single Rastafari was released in 2014 under the label Stevens Music Entertainment. This is the song that brought her to the limelight. That same year, she released Ndolo ft. Makossa Legend Ben Decca, Broken, and Relextion. In the same year, she won best female artist of Central Africa at   AFRIMMA (African Muzik Magazin Awards) in the United States.

In 2017, she released the single Calée which got a remarkable success with the African public and recorded in a few months more than 10 million views on Youtube. She collaborated with the singer Mr. Leo and producer Salatiel for the production of this song. The success of the song brought her more awards including Song of the Year and Best Female Voice at the Balafon Music Awards 2017.

In 2017, she made her first African tour with concerts organized in Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Gabon, Togo and Equatorial Guinea.

In 2018, she also sang at Nosy-Be Hell-Ville in Madagascar during the fifth edition of the Sômarôho Festival organized annually by singer Malagasy Wawa. Of course we cannot forget the four awards she grabbed earlier this year at Canal D’or 2019.

Her song Jusqu’à La Gare was equally a major hit. Daphne has also been nominated for Best Female Central Africa for the AFRIMMA.

What do you think about our top 10 Cameroonian musicians in 2019? Do you think we left out someone in this ranking? Share your views in the comment section. We may review our rankings if you give us reasons to.

Thanks for your time.

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