BBNaija Pepper Dem Nominations Week 10

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BBNaija Pepper Dem Nominations this week were done differently this week.

Yesterday Big Brother announced that nomination will not be a team task as it has been for the past weeks. Instead each housemate will be called to the diary room to nominate two (2) housemates that they want up for possible eviction. Big brother has reverted back to the traditional procedure for nomination.

Remember Mercy and Ike won HOH but only Ike got immunity after an agreement between the two.

BBNaija Pepper Dem Nominations ike and mercy

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This is how the Big Brother Naija 2019 housemates nominated for week 10 nominations (2nd Sept.).

Mercy nominated Omashola and Venita.

Mercy is 100% in for the money. She thinks Omashola and Venita are strong competitors. So why not take them out?

Omashola nominated Elo and Diane.

According Omashola, he nominated them because they have not been up on several occasions as compared to other housemates.

Cindy nominated Diane and Seyi.

She nominated Seyi because he had veto and could save himself and Diane because she has not really connected with her much.

Elo nominated Seyi and Mike.

Elo nominated Seyi because he had Veto and Mike because he is a strong competitor.

Tacha nominated Mercy and Frodd.

 Surprisingly, she nominated a female for the first time. Well, she and Mercy have never been best of friends. There is just no connection. It’s also a known fact that she doesn’t get along with Frodd at all.

Mike nominated Frodd and Seyi.

Mike thinks Frodd is over defensive and always fail to listen. Obviously, he nominated Seyi because he had veto.

Khafi nominated Elo and Venita.

She nominated Venita because they have always had their unresolved differences over Gedoni. As for Elo, it’s not quite clear.

Frodd nominated Omashola and Elo.

Frodd nominated Elozonam because he was part of the gang that had a gossip assembly on him last week. Frodd didn’t take it quite well when Ebuka disclose the information on Sunday. He was disappointed. For Omashola, it’s not quite clear.

Venita nominated Frodd and Khafi.

Venita is probably not happy with the way Frodd tossed her aside when Esther came back to him. They equally had a bathroom fight last week. She nominated Khafi for the reason as Khafi; unresolved differences over Gedoni.

BBNaija Pepper Dem Nominations the nominees

Seyi nominated Mercy and Frodd.

He was hoping to see how well Ike’s game would change when Mercy leaves the house. He nominated Frodd for the same reasons as Mike.

Diane nominated Omashola and Venita.

It’s not quite clear but she hasn’t connected quite well with these two and she equally think they are strong competitors.

BBNaija Pepper Dem Nominations week 10

Ike nominated Venita and Khafi.

According to Ike, Venita and Khafi are strong competitors and they are beginning to pose a threat to him. He adds that Khafi has tremendously upped her game since Gedoni left.

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BBNaija Pepper Dem Nominations: Who Is Up For Possible Eviction?

After the nomination, Elozonam, Omashola, Venita, Frodd, and Seyi were declared nominated for possible eviction this week. Veto power holder Seyi saved himself and replaced with Khafi. This means the following housemates are up for eviction this week.

  • Elozonam
  • Omashola
  • Venita
  • Frodd
  • Khafi

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