BBNaija PepperDem Eviction Predictions Week 10

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Hello….. It’s another week in the Big Brother Naija house and ahead of Sunday, we are here for another BBNaija PepperDem eviction predictions. It’s week 10, who goes home and who stays?

Last week our predictions were right as always. Tacha topped the voting poll as predicted and Esther and Sir Dee left as predicted as well.

BBNaija PepperDem Eviction: last week voting poll

This week, Big brother brought back the traditional nomination approach and housemates were called into the diary room to nominate two housemates for possible eviction on Sunday.

After the process, Venita, Elozonam, Omashola, Frodd and Seyi were declared nominated. Veto power holder Seyi saved himself and replaced with Khafi.

This means Venita, Elozonam, Omashola, Frodd and Khafi are the final housemates up for possible eviction this week.

BBNaija PepperDem Eviction: nominees

Catch up on the entire nomination story here: BBN Week 10 Nominations.

Who is safe this week?


He is arguably the strongest competitor on the list. There is a high probability that he is going to top the voting poll this week. He is spontaneous, loud and dramatic. Those traits have earned him a huge fans base. Those fans cannot let him go just yet.


Khafi has upped her game tremendously since Gedoni got evicted. Aside from that, she possesses great traits which a lot of viewers have fallen in love with. She is spontaneous, selfless, lively and down to earth. Her fans would love to see her in the house for some more weeks.

Tacha’s  fans will equally vote for her since she shares a strong connection with her and Tacha is not up.


Amazingly, Frodd has been up four times consecutively… haba! Na only him dem see?  It’s hard to understand but he has survived all through. Is he going to survive again this week? Yes, we strongly think so.

It’s not a good feeling standing up on every single Sunday but the good thing is that he has several persons out there routing for him. It is certain that they are not tired and are not ready to give up just yet.

BBNaija PepperDem Eviction: live eviction

BBNaija PepperDem Eviction Predictions: Who Leaves On Sunday

If two housemates are leaving this Sunday, then, they are:


She came in with a lot of energy, drama and revival. However coming at a later stage in the show may have affected her game negatively. It’s true she has a lot of drama and pepper but it’s difficult for fans to drop their favorites for her.

Last week she survived eviction which was quite a confidence booster to her. Take nothing away from her, she equally has fans but those fans may not be enough to save her this week. So it’s very certain that she is leaving this week, unfortunately.

BBNaija PepperDem Eviction: Ebuka

If only one housemate is leaving, then it would be Venita, but if they are two then:


Elo is brilliant and very artistic but his chances of surviving this week are very slim. Well, the first reason is because he is up against housemates who are stronger than him.

Secondly, a group of fans, particularly Diane’s fans, think Elo has to leave for their Queen to concentrate. They think Elo loves Tacha instead and he is not treating Diane right.

They have therefore concluded that Elo is playing with their Queen’s heart and they have to kick him out before he breaks her precious heart. Well, let’s see how that goes.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section who you think is leaving on Sunday.

Thanks for your time.

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11 thoughts on “BBNaija PepperDem Eviction Predictions Week 10

  1. Am team tacha and khafi has all our votes. She is going no where. Because of our queen tacha, we are ready to save khafi this week

  2. If is one person that will be evicted on sunday definately is gonno be ELOZONAM and but if its two as usual is gonno be venita and Elozonam. …All my votes goes to IGWE frodd

  3. If one is to go among all Elozona is a gonna, if two then venita follow sute. However, Frodd gat my votes this week and am sure he’s safe and God would see him through.

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