Winner Of BBNaija Pepper Dem 2019 – Predictions

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Who is the winner of BBNaija Pepper Dem Season 4 2019? That doesn’t sound like an easy question to answer, Does it?

In the seasons of See Gobe and Double Wahala, it was quite easy to predict that Efe and Miracle would win because they were the strongest contenders during their respective seasons.

This season, we have seen some strong contenders as well but it is still very difficult to predict who will win amongst them. In this article, we are going to predict who that winner is based on social media trends.

Remember, we have just a few days to get to The Grand Finale on Day 99 and we now have our finalists: Frodd, Mercy, Mike, Omashola and Seyi.

Our Top 5


Seyi has played an amazing game through out the season; Won Veto twice, won Head of House thrice, won Bet9ja arena games and several other prizes. He is smart, talented and very intelligent as well. He secured a spot at the Grand Finale after winning HOH last week.

Predictions on winner of bbnaija pepper dem


He wasn’t very strong at the beginning of the show. Apparently, the fact that he has always been on the chopping block, has boosted his confidence level and established a large fan base for him.

Many say God has been by Frodd throughout this game. He himself said he is spiritual when he emerged winner of the Ultimate Veto Power. Talking about the Ultimate Veto Power, it was a blessing to Frodd. It did not only give him the opportunity to determine the fate of some housemates, it also secured him a spot at the Finale.


His Warriiiiiiiiiiii….. Streeeeeeeet thing coupled with his entertaining diary sessions and ever funny and loud nature seems to be working for him.

He escaped nominations at the last eviction week before the Finale and the Ultimate Veto Power Game of chance on Monday gave him a place at the Finale.


Mike is a very funny gentleman but beyond that, he has an outstanding personality which has played out well for him.

who is Winner Of BBNaija Pepper Dem

He came into the house as a married man and he didn’t lie about it, not minding that it could adversely affect his game. Mike has played his game right and because of that, he has won the hearts of many and has created a very large fan base for himself. He is the only nominated Housemate who survived last week’s eviction and by virtue of that, his place at the Finale was secured.


Lambor! Queen of Highlight. Mercy is loved by a significant percentage of fans. Aside from her beauty, she is very competitive, focused and very determined to win.

Winner Of BBNaija Pepper Dem

She strategically bought immunity and secured herself a spot in the Grand Finale. Her fans have described her as the real pepper. Her chances of winning are very high.

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Who Is The Winner Of BBNaija Pepper Dem?

For the first time in the History of BBNaija, a woman may walk away this season with the grand prize. Yes, our Prediction: Mercy’s chances of winning are higher. We are convinced about this because she has played her game very well and she has a large fan base out there rooting for her. Many would want a woman to win for the first time. All other 4 finalists are very strong contenders as well but it appears the odds may just be in her favour.

You can also check out the BBNaija voting poll for the Winner. Who in the Top 5 will win? vote and see results.

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Remember, this is just our prediction. It is not final. Only your votes can determine the winner.

Who do you think will win this season of BBNaija? Tell us your winner in the comment section below.

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