BBNaija Week 11 Nominations

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BBNaija Week 11 Nominations.

It’s another Monday in the Big Brother House and of course, it’s nomination day again. Yesterday, Venita got evicted. So they are currently 11 housemates left in the house and 4 housemates are on the chopping block this week.

How The Housemates Nominated

Seyi nominated Tacha and khafi.

He nominated Tacha and Khafi because of the cold war that currently exists amongst them; Seyi on one hand and Tacha and Khafi on the other hand. Tacha had earlier made it clear that she is not on the same level with Seyi because according to her, at 23, she has achieved more than Seyi has ever achieved in his entire life.

Seyi thinks Khafi is two-faced.

Diane nominated Omashola and Mike.

She nominated Omashola because he had veto and Mike because she thinks he is a strong competitor.

Frodd nominated Mike and Ike.

He nominated Mike because he thinks Mike is manipulative, provocative, competitive and is playing a wise man card. He nominated Ike because Ike has been throwing shots at him despite how well he has treated him in the house. So why not do the same?

BBNaija Week 11 Nominations in the big brother house

Tacha nominated Seyi and Mike.

Tacha nominated Seyi because of the same mutual reason Seyi has; the cold war between them. As for Mike, she is upset that Mike trashed Sir Dee’s band.

Mike nominated Omashola and Tacha.

Mike nominated Omashola because he had Veto Power. He nominated Tacha because Tacha wasn’t up last week. He also thinks Tacha is strong and can handle herself.

Mercy nominated Omashola and Khafi.

According to her, Khafi has been changing, unfolding and showing her different shades of herself that she has never seen. She nominated Omashola because he had veto.

Elozonam nominated Frodd and Tacha.

He nominated Tacha because they obviously don’t get along at all in the house and like he said yesterday, he was not going to miss her if he left. He thinks Frodd enjoys poking others and pushing them to their extremes.

Cindy nominated Diane and Ike.

Diane because she feels nobody really calls her name and Ike because he has not been up for a couple of weeks.

Ike nominated Diane and khafi. Ike nominating Diane is quite surprising. Why would you call someone a friend and nominate her when you have several choices. Yeah, it’s a game but Ike nominating Diane was definitely not based on game or strategy. According to him, Diane has been escaping nominations.

He is beginning to look at Khafi as a strong competitor. That is why he nominated her

Omashola nominated Mercy and Tacha.

His nominations are probably based on competition and the fact that they weren’t up last week.

Khafi nominated Seyi and mercy.

She nominated Seyi because he used his veto power against her last week. Mercy because according to her, Mercy didn’t seem happy when she wasn’t evicted yesterday.

BBNaija Week 11 Nominations: Total Nominations

Tacha 3

Mike 3

Khafi 3

Omashola 3

Mercy 2

Diane 2

Seyi 2

Ike 2

Frodd 1

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At the end of the process, Tacha, Mike, Khafi and Omashola were declared nominated.

Veto power holder Omashola dramatically saved himself and replaced with Seyi.

BBNaija Week 11 Nominations

So, this means the final housemates up for possible eviction this week are Tacha, Mike, Khafi and Seyi.

Surprisingly, Frodd who has been on the chopping block consistently for several weeks was not nominated today. Good for him and his fans can have a well-deserved break.

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At least one of the nominated housemates will be evicted this week. Who do you think that housemate(s) will be, Tacha, Seyi, Khafi or Mike? Tell us in the comment box.

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