BBNaija Week 11 Eviction Predictions

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It’s another week in the Big brother Pepper Dem house. Welcome to our BBNaija week 11 eviction predictions.

Like we predicted last week, Venita got evicted and Elozonam would have left as well if two housemates were to be evicted.

This week, we witnessed the traditional nominations on Monday. At the end of the process, Tacha, Mike, Khafi and Omashola were declared nominated.

Veto power holder Omashola dramatically saved himself and replaced with Seyi.

So, this means the final housemates up for possible eviction this week are Tacha, Mike, Khafi and Seyi.

BBNaija Week 11 Eviction Predictions: housemates up

You can check out the entire nomination process with reasons behind every housemate’s nomination here.

For the first time this season, we have some of the strongest housemates in the house all up at the same time. This one is very difficult to predict but not impossible of course. So, let’s get down to it.

BBNaija Week 11 Eviction: Who Has A Higher Chance Of Staying This Week?


BBNaija Week 11 Eviction Predictions: Tacha

Being up for possible eviction is not new to Tacha. She has been there severally and her fans, Titans are always there to give her a comfortable safe. Tacha has equally topped the voting polls on most of the occasions that she has been up. She may as well top this one.

Like we always say in our eviction predictions, Tacha is not only a potential finalist but also a potential winner.

Housemates With 50 – 50 Chances Of Staying


BBNaija Week 11 Eviction Predictions: Mike

Mike is also a very competitive housemate. He has been up for eviction on a few occasions and he actually topped the poll on one of those occasions. His fans would want to see him in the final and of course, why not vote for him to win. His chances of staying this week are high.


We are not very sure about Seyi but we think he also has strong chances of staying. Seyi has gained a lot of fans over the last few weeks especially with the drama that has been going on between him and Tacha.

BBNaija Week 11 Eviction Predictions: Seyi

While Tacha’s fans would be hoping to see Seyi leave on Sunday, Seyi’s fans, on the other hand, would want to do absolutely everything possible to ensure that Seyi stays. No side wants to lose in battles like this, so it is going to be a very tough one.

Mercy fans have always been at loggerheads with Tacha’s fans. They may vote Seyi to keep him in the house.

Who Leaves On Sunday?


BBNaija Week 11 Eviction Predictions: Khafi

Khafi is very sweet, all happy, lively and spontaneous but unfortunately, all that may not save her this week. It is not as though fans want her out but the point is she is up against some of the strongest persons in the house. If you don’t have a very strong fan base, then it becomes very difficult for you to survive against giants like Tacha, Mike and Seyi.

It is true she topped the voting poll last week ahead of strong competitors like Frodd and Omashola but that was because her friend Tacha was not up and Tacha fans went all out for her. Unfortunately for her, Tacha is up this week and her fans can’t afford to split votes. Trust me, they cannot take that risk, at least not now.

If only one housemate is leaving on Sunday, then it is going to be Khafi. But if two housemates are leaving, then Seyi or Mike may also be evicted. The line up this week is quite tough and anything can happen.

So vote for your favorite.

Here are detailed steps on how to vote via SMS, mobile, web, MyGOtv and My DStv apps.

Vote Now so that Ebuka doesn’t ask you on Sunday “Did you vote?” after your favorite must have been evicted.

Who do you think is safe and who do you think will be evicted? Share your thoughts with us in the Comment Section.

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