President Biya To Address Cameroonians This Tuesday

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President Biya To Address Cameroonians This Tuesday.

Cameroon’s Head of State President Paul Biya will address the nation today Tuesday, September 10, 2019, in a message that will be broadcast on radio and television at 8 PM local time.

The information is contained in a Press release signed by the Director of Civil Cabinet at the Presidency Samuel Mvondo Ayolo.

 President Biya To Address Cameroonians This Tuesday.

This speech of the President is quite surprising to most Cameroonians given that the President has rarely ever addressed the nation except on national occasions like the National youth Day, speech to the diplomatic corps at the start of every year and then, the traditional end of year speech.

Opinions across the nation hold that he will make powerful declarations on the deepening Anglophone crisis. Would he call for National dialogue as the Prime minister indicated some months back?

Would he release political prisoners as Cameroonians and the International community has been clamoring for? What is he going to do to ensure that pupils and students who have not been to school in the North West and South West since 2016 go back to their classrooms in a safe and secure atmosphere?

 President Biya To Address Cameroonians This Tuesday.

Well, these questions can only be answered when we listen to the President at 8 PM.

President Biya To Address Cameroonians: Reactions

 Some Cameroonians have expressed anxiety while awaiting the special message as this Facebook user puts it “we are anxiously waiting for the good news to be delivered. A Very important speech in indeed in the midst of this mayhem”

Another user says “Good news will come today as he will touch the hearts of all and he would have ended his career in flying colors as the scripture describes.”

Other Cameroonians have however reacted differently. According to them, it is going to be the same traditional message of one and indivisible Cameroon and nothing will change.

This other facebook user says ” Don’t be surprised he won’t really hit on the anglophone crisis. I’m not expecting anything new and I’m not expecting him to call for dialogue. All will be same as it has always been”

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