BBNaija: Sir Dee And Venita React On Tacha Having Body Odour

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BBNaija: Sir Dee, Venita React On Tacha Having Body Odour.

Social media has been buzzing ever since Mike on Wednesday claimed that one of the housemates in the house has body odour.  Mike made this revelation to Khafi in the dressing room but however did not mention the name of this particular housemate.

He said, “Khafi tell your friend to top up ( apply roll-on), I said something to her but l don’t think she took my word.

BBNaija: Sir Dee And Venita

“If anyone smells in the house we should tell her. It shouldn’t be a thing.”

Since Mike did not mention the name of this particular housemate, viewers immediately concluded that the housemate was Tacha because Khafi and Tacha are close friends in the house.

Omashola added that the odour was strong because she uses garlic to cook.

Remember that when Kimoprah was evicted from the house several weeks back, she revealed during an interview that Tacha had a provocative smell. However, another evicted housemate Isilomo refuted this claim.

BBNaija: Sir Dee And Venita reacts on tacha body odour

Speaking in a recent interview, Sir Dee who was a close friend to Tacha while in the house said she has no body odour.

Sir Dee stressed that the discussion was dumb and irrelevant because he never noticed it when he was in the house.

“No Tacha does not have body odour, I don’t know where this is coming from.

“Tacha and I were very close in the house, so I would have noticed.

“I did not want to address this earlier because it was dumb and irrelevant.

“We would all have told her if Tacha was smelling”

Venita Reacts

Another evicted housemate Venita in an interview with Opera News Nigeria was shocked when she was asked to confirm if the allegation is true.

BBNaija: Sir Dee And Venita reacts
BBNaija: Sir Dee and Venita refute allegations of body odour in the house

She said:

“What’s all this? Are you serious? I don’t know…

“I was not in their room and I hardly had interactions with Tacha, other than in a group situation.

“I did not perceive anything that was funny. This is news to me”

What do you think? Who do you think is right here, Mike and Kimoprah or Isilomo, Venita and Sir Dee? Join the conversation in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “BBNaija: Sir Dee And Venita React On Tacha Having Body Odour

  1. My girl doesn’t have body odour it’s their freaking problem, they feel she’s a threat to them, using this body odour of a thing to see her reactions so that she can get the third strike but shame on them coz their evil plans had failed, they should all remember that karma is bitch

  2. Tacha don’t have any body of our they just cooked it up so she can react to it shame to them and am happy that biggie has remove all the strike shame to Tacha enemies

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