The Ultimate Veto Power Game Of Chance: BBNaija

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Barely three weeks to the end of this season of BBNaija Pepper Dem 2019, Big brother has introduced another twist to the game: The Ultimate Veto Power.

This will be the last veto power game of chance for this season and the winner will be crown the Ultimate Veto Power. The title is going to come with some privileges which Big brother will disclose next week.

For this particular game, Big brother has introduced a red box to the housemates. This box contains a particular picture. For the next six days, housemates will have to pick up a picture every day from a table.

The Ultimate Veto Power Game Of Chance: BBNaija 2019

Next Sunday, the box will be opened and housemates will be asked to reveal the content of their pictures. The housemate who has the picture which is the duplicate of the picture in the box will be declared winner of the Ultimate Veto Power Game of Chance.

The Ultimate Veto Power Game Of Chance: BBNaija pepper dem

Housemates are obliged to protect this box and take it with them where ever they go, be it the arena, party house, garden or anywhere else. If the box gets stolen, the housemates will be severely punished. So housemates have to take turns to watch it.

The Ultimate Veto Power Game Of Chance: Big brother naija

If a housemate damage or breaks the box, that housemate will be severely punished.

This means this veto power will only be useful next week, a week before the final week.

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Remember, Ebuka earlier announced that there won’t be any eviction this week. As such, there is no nomination and definitely, no voting.

Game Reset

Big Brother also decided to level the game, all strikes and warnings have been forgiven and canceled. This means the game has been reset.

Ike and Tacha who were already walking on eggshells with two strikes each can now breathe a sigh of relief.

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