BBNaija Week 12 Head Of House: Elozonam wins

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Elozonam wins the BBNaija Week 12 HOH (Head of House) Task.

This is how the head of house task went for week 12:

There were ten tables for the ten housemates. Each of the tables had a plate with 120 sweets, a drinking straw and a small cup.

BBNaija Week 12 Head Of House: Elozonam wins today


Housemates were asked to each choose a table of their choice.

At the sound of the buzzer, they were required to move the sweets from the plate to the cup next to the plate simply by inhaling them with the provided straw.

They were not allowed to touch the sweet with their hands at any time. If a sweet fell, all they had to do was to pick it up with the straw.

They were equally not allowed to touch the plate or cup.

BBNaija Week 12 Head Of House: Elozonam wins this week

The buzzer went off and the challenge began. Elozonam was the first housemate to move all the 120 sweets. He is this week’s HOH (Head of House).

He also won the Head of House bedroom privileges and of course, who else would he share it with? Yes, you are right, Diane.

Biggie also said he has won immunity from eviction this week. Well, there is no eviction this week anyway.

BBNaija Week 12 Head Of House:

Congratulations to Elozonam winning the BBNaija Week 12 Head Of House; A well-deserved win.

At the end of the task, Big brother reminded the housemates that they have to ensure that the red box is safe and secured at every point in time. He said the housemates all slept last night thinking the box was safe. He said it seems the housemates did not understand what he meant by watching the box.

Big brother emphasized that if anything happens to the box, the consequences will be severe.

If you want to know more about that red box, you can check the article below.

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