BBNaija Week 12 Poll For Fake Eviction

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BBNaija Week 12 Poll For Fake Eviction. Scroll down, vote and see results.

We all know there is no eviction this week. However, the housemates don’t know this and on Monday they nominated their fellow housemates for possible eviction on Sunday.

If only they know that those nominations amounted to nothing and won’t determine the fate of any housemate. There is no voting this week but what if there were, who would you be saving to stay in the house? Head down to the poll and vote for your favorite.

Before that poll, lets quickly look at the housemates up for fake eviction and how they were fake nominated.

BBNaija Week 12 Poll for fake eviction

Ike nominated Cindy and Frodd.

Cindy nominated Diane and Ike.

Omashola nominated Mercy and Diane

Diane nominated Mike and Omashola

Mike nominated Diane and Mercy

Tacha nominated Cindy and Mike

Seyi nominated Ike and Mercy

Frodd nominated Cindy and Mercy

Mercy nominated Frodd and Omashola

Elozonam nominated Frodd and Tacha

Week 12 Total Nominations

Mercy 4

Cindy 3

Diane 3

Frodd 3

Omashola 2

Mike 2

Ike 2

Tacha 1

Seyi 0

Elozonam 0 (Head of House)

At the end of the nomination process, Mercy, Diane, Frodd, and Cindy were declared nominated.

BBNaija Week 12 Poll: fake eviction

And now, the voting poll for fake eviction this week. If these nominations were real, who would you save? Vote, see results, invite your friends to vote and make your favorite(s) trend.

You can vote as many times as possible.

Don’t forget there is another poll for the top 10 housemates. Who in the top 10 do you think will win? Follow the highlighted link below, vote, see results, invite your friends to vote and make your favorite(s) trend.

BBNaija Top 10 Poll Week 12

Remember, there will be no eviction this week. Instead, the winner of the Ultimate Veto Power for this season will be revealed.

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