BBNaija Week 12 Arena Games: Ike Wins

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For the BBNaija week 12 arena games, Big brother asked the housemates to wear their Bet9ja Tshirts over a pair of black/dark trousers alongside a provided cape.


1.The iron ball challenge

Using a provided straw, housemates required to stack up seven iron balls to build a tower.

2.The Flying ballon.

Housemates required to blow a balloon, use a piece of masking tape to stick the blown balloon to a string, release the balloon and watch the balloon fly to the other end of the string. With the right volume of air, the balloon will fly to the other end.

3.The mistery superhero on a seat

Sitting on an office chair, housemates must move from one end of a line to the other while ensuring that the chair is over the line at all times.

4.The hammer throw

BBNaija Week 12 Arena

Standing on a marked spot, housemates must throw a power hammer into a web box. The hammer must fall and remain the web box.

Omashola completed the course in 01:39:21

Cindy completed the course in 03:15:15

Seyi completed the course in 02:53:06 + 30 seconds

Ike completed in 01:32:05

Tacha completed the course in … Oh no, she ran out of time at the second challenge after exhausting all 5 minutes.

Elozonam completed the course in 01:42:12 + 30 seconds

BBNaija Week 12 Arena Games:

Mercy – ran out of time at the first challenge after exhausting all five minutes.

Frodd completed the course in 02:02:13 + 30 seconds

Diane completed the course in 03:04:00 + 30 seconds

Mike completed the course in 01:45:13 + 30 seconds

This means Ike is the winner of this week’s Betnaija arena games with a total time of 01:32:05

BBNaija Week 12 Arena Games: Ike Wins

Omashola came second in the BBnaija week 12 arena game with a total of 01:39:21 + 30 seconds and won 200 Bet9ja coins.

All members of Enigma were equally given bonus coins of 10 Bet9ja coins each.

Seyi, Elozonam, Omashola, Frodd, Diane, Mike, Omashola were all added 30 seconds for not following adequate instructions at the first challenge.

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