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Housemates Fight Over Missing Red Box: Mercy and Elozonam; Diane and Tacha; Tacha and Elozonam.

Yesterday in the BBNaija house was hot. First, 2 Face came into the house and celebrated his birthday with the housemates. The housemates partied and enjoyed themselves with the superstar at the arena. However, what came after that was nothing to celebrate.

Remember last Sunday Big brother introduced the Ultimate veto power and gave the housemates a red box containing the veto card to watch. The housemates agreed to take turns to watch the box.

Yesterday was the turn of Elozonam and Diane. They did well in watching the box throughout the day. When the guests came, there were a lot of jubilations but they didn’t lose control of the box.

It was time to move into the arena for 2Face birthday’s party. They went into the arena with the box and went they got there, Diane placed the box on one of the chairs in the arena. Cindy came in, took up the box, sat on the chair and place it on her labs.

The celebrations got intense and housemates were dancing, jumping from one place to another. Cindy took off the box and placed it under the table where she sat. At that point, it became almost invisible.

The party continued and the celebration was amazing. There was a lot to drink and eat. The dancers and artist were also amazing. Now, fast forward two hours, it was time to go back into the house.

Apparently, Elozonam had to take in the box but he forgot. All the housemates forgot as well. When they got into the house, the arena doors closed and boom! they realized the red box was missing.

At the moment, there was commotion. Mercy who was already high picked up a fight with Elozonam. She told Elozonam to break up the arena door and get the box. It even got hotter and Mercy said the house is for the strong and not for the weak like Elozonam who couldn’t force open the door.

Mercy even said she would slap Elozonam and go home.
“I would rather go home a hero than be a chicken” Mercy added
If you can’t break that arena door, don’t talk to me. This house is for those who got guts.”
She added that she had nothing to lose because she is up for possible eviction and may be evicted on Sunday. As usual, Ike was there to calm her down. Elozonam later told Diane to talk to her friend when she is sobber because if she was in his shoes, she won’t break the door even if she was drunk.

Tacha also came into the picture yelling at Elozonam and Diane saying it was their fault that the box got missing. According to her, the entire house will be punished because of them. Elozonam decided not to make things worse by continuing the quarrel with her.

Tacha continued yelling. Diane got angry and told her to stop but oh no, she did not. Diane rang the bell in the hope that biggie will open the diary so she could beg and explain the situation to him but biggie did not open.

Diane got tired of Tacha screaming and blaming them and for the second time told her to stop but no, Tacha did not. Diane got upset and pointed a finger at Tacha in the process of standing up for herself.

Many who probably didn’t watch this scene have sparked rumors that Diane slapped Tacha. That is not true at all. Diane did not slap Tacha. What is not clear is if Diane’s finger touched Tacha’s eye as she said.

As it was getting tense between Tacha and Diane, Elozonam came in and carried Diane away into HOH room.

Tacha followed behind, then returned to the living room and unleased demeaning words on Diane. “When people are drinking, you too you will be drinking. Look at this toddler… na small girl you be, even my younger sister will not behave the way you did. Out of the big brother house, you cannot ask me what the time is. You don hit my eye abi” Tacha said.

But Diane did not seem to be drunk at all. She was very sobber. Many viewers have reacted wondering how Tacha would call Diane a toddler when they are both 23.

As it was getting tenser, Big brother asked all housemates to gather in the lounge immediately.

Big brother said this is the second time the box has gone missing in less than a week. He said he meant what he said by “there will be severe consequences.” He said the punishment may not be limited to strikes but may lead to the expulsion of some housemates.

He told the housemates to go get the box and ponder how things got to that level. Big brother opened the arena door and Elozonam went and picked up the box.

As Big brother wished the housemates goodnight, he added that the issue is not over.

Diane and Elo got back to the HOH room and Diane was so angry and upset at Tacha’s behavior. She said:” That girl is so annoying. I tried to maintain my cool but she kept coming at me. I even pointed my finger at her to stop her but she said I punch her eye. May God judge this”
Diane added that Tacha reacted as though she is “Miss Perfect.”

She equally said Tacha’s soul is as dark as her knuckles.

Diane was so upset and she couldn’t help but cry. Elozonam comforted her and told her that whatever happened was no fault of hers.

Mercy later came in to comfort Diane. She gave her words of encouragement and positivity adding that Tacha may have won yesterday but that doesn’t make her any less of who she is.

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