Diane Cindy And Elozonam Issued Strikes BBNaija

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Diane Cindy And Elozonam Issued First Strikes.

The housemates began their day this Saturday on a rather bad note as some of them woke up to a moment of reckoning. Remember on Thursday after the red veto box when missing,

Big brother returned the box to the housemates and said the conversation will continue later. Well, it continued this morning.

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Big brother asked all housemates to gather in the lounge and he played the video showing how the housemates left the box at the arena.

Biggie’s Judgement

Big brother said at the time the box got missing, it was in the care of Diane and Elozonam and they have to face the consequences for not taking adequate care of the box. He decides to issue Diane and Elozonam a strike each.

Diane Cindy And Elozonam Issued Strikes

According to Big brother, Cindy also contributed to the incident. Remember she took off the box from the chair and placed it in an obscured position. Big brother decided to issue her a strike warning as well for her carelessness.

Big brother added that they are lucky the box did not get damaged as the punishment would have been more severe.

These are the first strikes of Diane, Cindy and Elozonam since the start of the show. Hopefully, they won’t receive more.

Diane Cindy And Elozonam Issued Strikes BBNaija

If you think the other housemates were left out of this, then, you are wrong. Big brother said it is the responsibility of the entire house to watch the box and ensure that it is safe. Big brother said all the housemates will be rewarded with a suitable punishment on Monday.

Diane Cindy And Elozonam Issued Strikes: The Aftermath

When the housemates left the lounge, Diane went to the HOH room. Elozonam, Mercy and Cindy joined her in the room. Diane and Cindy complained about Tacha’s provocative and overbearing attitude. According to Mercy, Tacha even said a second strike is on its way.

Elozonam and Mercy helped calmed Cindy and Diane down, telling them to ignore whatever Tacha says or do because in Elo’s words “She breathes oxygen from doing that.”

Mercy said she wish she gets the veto power and she is given the opportunity to evict three housemates. Omashola and Seyi later joined them in the HOH room.

. They all encouraged Diane and Cindy and turned the sad atmosphere into a fun one.  They all left to the garden and continued chitchatting.

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